Nanjing boys clothes caught in the subway escalator to press the emergency stop button roselip

Nanjing boys clothes caught in the subway escalator to press the emergency stop button on the escalator emergency can press the emergency stop button. In November 15th, a male student in the Nanjing metro line two Xinjiekou station because relying on the escalator at the mobile phone, the body of the school uniform was sucked into the escalator, staged at the moment. Nanjing morning news reporter visited found that this kind of danger occurs not only in the vicinity of students, in fact, including adults, scarves, clothing, skirts and other long escalator hidden dangers, beware of the danger around you! The boys clothes are more than 6 subway escalator "bite" to live in the evening of November 15th, a week of the middle school students at Nanjing near Xinjiekou as usual home after school, enter the subway Xinjiekou subway station entrance from the Jinling hotel. Take the escalator down to the subway station, a small portable mobile phone suddenly rang, he habitually took out the mobile phone, that is sent to the students of humor articles, naturally browsing. As the escalator down, Xiao Zhou feel more and more clothes seems to be what people grabbed, and power is more and more big, so Zhou immediately put down the mobile phone in front of the scene, but let him be startled at their uniforms, in a corner of the unexpectedly into the cracks in the escalator handrail! Xiao Zhou quickly and pulled out a uniform, helpless escalator "bite" is very tight, and is still a bit to swallow". The escalator will reach the bottom, don’t stop will be very dangerous, but at this time, Xiao Zhou pressed the emergency stop button, the escalator immediately stopped, can at this time Zhou uniforms have been the escalator "bite" for more than half. This is the subway station of Xinjiekou subway station on duty branch Xinjiekou police immediately asked about the situation, and help Xiao Zhou to pull uniforms, helpless escalator cards very tight, so the police immediately inform professional maintenance personnel rushed to the subway, subway escalator maintenance professional emergency removal of the escalator parts, the escalator "bite" cry just change danger into safety. Scarf, clothes escalator trouble actually frequent incidents of this danger, in real life events frequently take the escalator into trouble. About 8:30 in the morning of December 17, 2012, at the Nanjing subway station in Xinjiekou, a girl riding the escalator, scarf end was suddenly caught in the elevator, nearly causing Le neck accident. The same year, a woman dressed in a long skirt standing passengers in the subway line, ride the escalator when the train is into the escalator flow tooth plate, rushed to the police immediately press the emergency button, to avoid the occurrence of accidents. February this year, one day at 3 pm, Guangzhou metro line from the station to stand out from the public, Mr. Chung Chung just came up from the escalator, the sudden loud noise of the escalator, the escalator immediately outage. Mr. Zhong, a look back, a woman’s original white scarf card into the escalator, pulled out a few meters long scarf, the scarf was "killed" the end of the escalator. At that time, the woman’s scarf card for more than ten minutes, and later came to rescue the subway staff, did not cause casualties. 2014 day morning at 9:17 PM, a 5 year old girl in Hubei, Xiaogan on the automatic walking elevator, neck scarf accidentally lift "bite", on the spot by Le suffocation once stopped breathing faint, purple lips. At the beginning of December 2015, a 10 year old Handan Nv Bin相关的主题文章: