Nanjing female tour guide to play flying transnational blood donation Thailand minister thank noreply

Nanjing female tour guide to play the "fly" transnational donation   Thailand — Minister personally thank Jiangsu windows — original title: playing the "fly" to the Phuket Island, donated the "panda blood" to rescue the injured tourists in Nanjing Chinese female tour guide multinational donors of Thailand minister personally thank our September 25th exclusive coverage of the "China Phuket Island tourists were injured, need Rh negative" panda blood "– Nanjing female tour guide" transnational "blood donation" events and new progress. October 5th, the Thailand tourism and sports minister, made a special trip to the female tour guide Yang Li stay in the hotel to visit and send a gift of thanks, highly praised her selfless dedication. Yang Li is the Nanjing Mandarin International Travel Limited tour guide. In September 22nd, she returned to Nanjing on a mission in Phuket Island, Thailand. The morning of September 23rd, she saw a peer from the emergency information in WeChat, a middle-aged female tourists in Sichuan during a visit to Phuket Island after spinal injury, bone nerve, in urgent need of rare blood type Rh negative blood surgery. If you can not operate in time, you may not be able to walk. "I’m just Rh negative type AB blood. At that time did not want to think, I think it is important to save, and quickly called the other side of the phone." Yang Li said, because of an emergency, so she immediately decided to donate blood, and on the evening of September 23rd from the Lukou Airport aboard the flight to Phuket Island, the next morning arrived in the afternoon on the 3, successfully gave 450 milliliters of blood. The operation requires a total of 1200 ml of blood, including me, a total of 3 Chinese people donate blood. One of them is Tangshan, also made a special trip from Shenzhen to Phuket Island." Yang Li said, in everyone’s help, an ample supply of female tourists in Sichuan required for the operation of blood, in September 28th the successful operation. Yang Li’s story was first reported in the newspaper, has aroused widespread concern in the community. Nanjing Tourism Commission leaders visited Yang Li, and awarded her the most beautiful tour guide in Nanjing, the honorary certificate. There are well intentioned people to read newspapers, brought her the milk, egg and soil, and even do not know the name of the person send her to the bird’s nest, let her fill the body. "I don’t know how to express my feelings." Yang Li said. To Yang Li’s surprise, a bigger surprise was waiting for her. The evening of October 5th, is the tour tourism in Bangkok Yang Li, suddenly received a message, the Thailand Minister of tourism and Sports Department of Ge Gan, heard her deeds was very moved, to visit her and thanks. "Gan Gan minister from the social media to understand my things, specifically commissioned by the Chinese Embassy in Thailand to help me. Embassy through the Nanjing Tourism Commission, contact my travel agency." Yang Li said that more than 7 in the evening, just finished the meeting made a special trip to her hotel. "Gan Ge minister affectionately shook my hand, and I said thanks, and for me to wear a symbol of the flag of Thailand red white and blue bracelet, gave me a thank-you card, a hand woven scarf. She also said that my blood for tourism in Thailand Chinese tourists, the charity for everyone to set a good example. Thai people appreciate and admire the spirit of dedication to others. )相关的主题文章: