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Nearly eleven mainland students in Hong Kong to participate in the SAT exam, Jiangxi channel — "eleven" during the golden week, thousands of mainland students in Hong Kong to participate in Asia Expo open the college entrance examination in the United States (SAT), which is SAT this year since the reform, the mainland to Hong Kong candidates to participate in the largest. A test. Since the mainland does not set up the examination room, many mainland candidates choose Hongkong as the test site. In recent years, the mainland tens of thousands of people to participate in the SAT exam every year. SAT is equivalent to the U.S. college entrance examination every year on January, May, in October, in June, in November and held in the year of December. As to enter the United States University "astepping-stone to success", SAT for examination of undergraduate students in the United States, the importance of the college entrance examination and be roughly the same. SAT exam since the beginning of this year, a number of reforms, more emphasis on the comprehensive ability of the candidates test. Hong Kong as candidates for prep class education wisdom CEO Wei Xiaoliang said that the SAT test is used to test the candidates English logic, expression, communication, thinking, and the history of the comprehensive ability, if just as the SAT language to prepare for the exam, is unable to meet the requirements of the University of the United states. Candidates reading comprehension, logical expression, oral expression and other solid foundation, it is possible to get good grades. (reporter Lu Juan) (Jun Qiu Ye, commissioning editor: handsome)相关的主题文章: