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[] New Year Spring Festival at new haven’t you heard the most expensive seafood will be pregnant? – tourism Sohu coconut?

cheese, Friday is new year’s Eve

look forward to a year of dinner Z finally came to ~

port is true, every new year’s Eve dinner is the kind of

would you like to try some fresh? Eat a person who has not eaten

traveled around the world for you to collect such a

the world’s only new year luxury menu

(eat more than 3 travelers are in the senior tour)

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Italy olive oil




version of the cold pot string

Russian caviar

, French oyster



can be used with all of the following food? France and Italy olive oil

French oyster Awards: re definition of "

".Have oysters

all over the world, but only in the enjoyment of the French aristocracy will oysters to eat out of more than and 30 varieties. It’s really hard to understand if this level of appreciation is not a demonstration of a senior waiter at the restaurant. When walking through the beach in Cannes, south of France, it is possible to combine the seafood with the sea water as the deepest memory of the taste buds.

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France + Italy Mediterranean warm winter 4 day trip Cannes seaside walk

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Russian caviar

is said that when Churchill visited the Soviet Union, with the mission officials will be all the money to buy caviar, only because of the identity of the prime minister insisted that Churchill did not buy, Stalin earned enough face by caviar. On Russian >