Non-negotiable Parts To Check When Buying Used

Automobiles Now that you’ve found a car that you just might happily drive home, it’s time to do some dirty work through a physical checkup. A vehicle, just like a book, should not be judged by its appearance. It might have plenty of problems lurking beneath the shiny metal surface that could cost you a lot of money to fix later on. When buying a used car, make sure to check these non-negotiable parts: The engine The engine should be clean. When making a visual inspection, look closely for burned areas. If you find one or a few even slightly burned ones move on to the next car. Inspect the engine coolant. Green means it’s good. Other stuff, such as rust, are signs that the engine has not been well taken care of. Brakes Check the brakes for integrity and for fluid leaks. Take a look at the brake fluid container. If the level is low, it could be an indication that there is a leak or that there is something wrong with the brake pads. Check these for wear and tear. Transmission Existing issues with the car’s transmission can translate to a huge cost in terms of repair. This is another non-negotiable part of a used car you should definitely check. Inspect this part for any leaks (usually brown or red in color). If you find any, they are not good signs of the car’s condition. Frame, doors, windows and handles The car’s frame holds the whole unit together and as such, is also a non-negotiable part you need to check. Frames should be smooth. If you find waves or visible indentations, those are signs that the car had undergone some sort of repair. Check windows, doors and handles as well. Do they work? Are they aligned? Is there an air leak? Have they been replaced? If so, why? The test drive It’s always a good idea to test drive a used car prior to purchase. Do this even after you’ve checked the car visually. A used car that has a few hidden issues generally does not manifest its troubles until after it’s been driven around the block a few times. Here are some of the non-negotiable parts you need to check when taking a potential used car buy for a spin: Cruise control Check the response of the wheels in relation to the steering wheel. Is there a delay? Do you have to turn the steering wheel too much for a relatively simple turn? Gas Check if the car accelerates readily when you step on the gas. Brakes Test the brakes at short speeds and then at faster speeds. Take note of how the car responds. When you step on the brakes, does it vibrate? Can you feel a slight pull to either right or left? At faster speeds, does the car have a tendency of swerving? Engine The engine is decidedly the biggest expense you’ll ever have in case you choose a used car with damaged parts. When test driving the vehicle, check for noises, such as whirring, clunking and other strange sounds. When accelerating, take note of any audible or obvious strain in the engine. About the Author: By: sunshinekid – Alright; you have broken down. 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