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The parcel courier company mysteriously disappeared: the ghost know our website experienced what Mr. Wang in September 20th sales of auto parts in Taobao, a buyer to return the goods and send the goods by express courier tact back however, this single parcel on the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Wang has been concerned about the logistics information is displayed on the September 23rd doubts the tracking information, goods Mr. Wang has been signed and did not receive the return of the return of the buyer also lost the Yuantong company’s customer service said "this thing can’t handle, you contact the sender." "the courier receipt is not found, I have not received the goods" asked the reason "the sender is not estimated delivery" Mr. Wang is very Speechless to ask "no delivery, but the logistics tracking record?" Yuantong company customer service admitted: "yes, we asked the sender, not the" disappear in the middle parcel sent did not end, Yuantong Yangjiaping branch is responsible for more than the manager said that after investigation, although the return of the express order no problem but the "time logistics record" abnormal Yu manager then the staff took the records of the mail list logistics courier Tang Yangjiaping company was not the staff here and they don a tail number the same postman, Zhang according to the operation, delivery is not in the huangpuping but in the western suburbs of Yangjiaping along the way more than the manager said, according to the process of sending courier each to a place, only scanning on the package courier will produce logistics track record as a package does not exist then what appears on the official website of the record in the Yuantong logistics Yuantong it Express Chongqing Yangjiaping company: transshipment not scan, never seen things, where dare to enter the logistics record? Reporter: so is not your company, the logistics registration system is a problem? Chongqing Yangjiaping Yuantong express company: I do not know LAN party (parcels sent to) in the end there is what. We are very strange here. So "real" express a single number, come from who is so magical, can fill in virtual logistics records in tact company background waiting for the results of the investigation at the same time, Mr. Wang said the company’s tact vulnerabilities caused the loss of goods should bear the losses of the natural person disappeared but 50 yuan of goods but this fantastic vulnerability does not know whether what used to be used, where is the most worrying place (the original standard: Express | tact: bizarre disappearance ghosts know our website through what!?)相关的主题文章: