Prediction of the double chromosphere 16126th phase consider the number of Sohu – Blue-beself

Prediction of the double chromosphere 16126th phase: consider the blue number – Sohu loans 2016125 lottery results for 010608202730 + 03, and the value fell to 92 points, and the complex vibration code out of a period of about 2016126, lottery, let us first through the double chromosphere history of this tool to analyze the calendar year 126 issue of the ball rule: 126 A total of 13 lottery history period, leading only in the 2007126 period, 2015126 out of the value is too large (two in 0910, the remaining 9 ball) period leading code control in the range of 01-06 fell in 2016 126, the proposals concern hot interval again leading to fall. Take another look at performance in the past 126 Phoenix number lottery, prefix 2 award number out of 7, the remaining 4 are in the 3 period Pteris prefix number ending, 2016126 Phoenix should pay attention to 3 prefix performance award no.. And the value of the ball in the past 126 years: in the 11 phase of the lottery and the value of the minimum number of 66, the maximum number of 124, the amplitude is larger, the 2016126 recommended value in the 100-120 interval drop ball. Odd number continuous in the history of the 11 phase of a total of 3 sets of morphological code (respectively in 2009126 out of 1 groups, 2012126 out of 1 groups, 2013126 out of 1 groups), other years are 0 groups of performance, this period can exclude odd number continuous out of the possibility. Basketball analysis: in the year of 126 in the lottery, out of a total of 8 large numerical basketball, occupy absolute advantage, out of 2016126 basketball basic rule over 10 values, focus on small numerical counterattack. Experts predict 8+2:03,09,12,16,19,20,25,32 + 01,03 6+1:03,09,12,20,25,32 + 03

双色球第16126期预测:考虑小蓝出号-搜狐  2016125期双色球开奖结果01 06 08 20 27 30 + 03,和值下滑至92点,复、隔码各开出一枚,2016126期即将开奖,让我们先通过双色球历史上的今天工具来分析历年126期的出球规律:   126期历史开奖共计13期,龙头仅在2007126期、2015126期开出偏大的数值(二期依次落球09 10),其余9期龙头码控制在01-06区间落号,2016年126期建议关注热态区间龙头再落。   再来关注一下凤尾号码在历年的126期开奖表现,2字头奖号开出7期,剩余4期凤尾均以3字头号码收尾,2016126期凤尾应留意3字头奖号的表现。   和值在历年126期落球情况:在11期开奖中和值最小数开出66,最大数开出124,振幅较大,2016126期推荐数值在100-120区间落球。   奇号连续在历史11期中共计开出3组形态码(分别是在2009126期开出1组、2012126期开出1组、2013126期开出1组),其他年份均以0组表现,本期可排除奇号连续开出的可能。   蓝球分析:在往年的126期开奖中,大数值蓝球共计开出8期,占据绝对优势,2016126期蓝球基本排除10以上大数值的开出,重点考虑小数值反扑。   专家预测8+2:03,09,12,16,19,20,25,32 + 01,03   6+1:03,09,12,20,25,32 + 03相关的主题文章: