Pro forma 2017 physical exercise in the exam to start now candy boy

Pro 2017: senior high school entrance examination of physical exercise should be a year from now the physical exam will be placed in the two months before the move, in April for the examination, do not think that there is a long time yo, cram! Strengthen physical exercise in daily life and study, not only physical health, but also can cultivate the will. Don’t waste your time on weekdays, start moving now! 1, the third exercise the first stage: in October the main stage, comprehensive training speed, strength, jumping, endurance and sensitivity of physical quality, lay a good foundation for the formation of a comprehensive physical quality. All kinds of training methods and means should be adopted in the teaching and training, so as to improve the level of motor function. At the same time, it should be based on the development speed and the development of the overall quality. 2, the third exercise second phase: November -1 month second phase (November -1 months): this stage should be on the basis of the first phase, focusing on the development and improve the quality of the power, especially the upper limb strength, strength of lower limbs and lumbar muscles strength, combined with the running, jumping and throwing the examination items, using a variety of effective means, such as barbell, sandbags, fitness equipment, development projects must have special quality, improve the speed as soon as possible to master the technology. At this stage, the amount of exercise should be based on a large amount of exercise training. Because in the stage of the January, but also the students’ learning tasks, in a tense final exam review period, training should be adjusted, and don’t culture exam review for the time, but we can get some training content every Sunday. This is not continuous training, and does not affect the culture of learning, it is worth mentioning that, after the final exam, it is winter rest time, we can use the winter training, or arrangement of large load heavy load family training mission. 3, the third day of physical exercise in the third stage: February -3 month in the third phase (-3 months in February): the period of about 2 months. On the basis of the second stage of the large amount of exercise training, adjust the intensity of exercise and exercise load, and gradually improve and consolidate the results of sports for the purpose of. Since this stage has not yet announced the general examination of the project, therefore, in the project may have to be tested, we should seriously do not be allowed to catch the problem". In the teaching and training, adhere to the general physical fitness and special physical quality, in order to adapt to the examination to make full preparations, of course, this stage of training intensity should be large. 4, the third day of physical exercise in the fourth stage: April -5 month in the fourth phase (-5 months in April): this stage is the last stage before the exam. In general, the provinces and municipalities have been published in the year of the examination project, candidates should continue to improve the physical quality and level of exercise on the basis of a complete technical training. Source: test network相关的主题文章: