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Web-Hosting There are more than 15,000 web hosting providers in the world. They all have different features and are scattered around the globe. Without being unfair, it is not an easy task picking the one you can trust with your online business. However, because you are reading this piece, I will expose the happenings in the web hosting industry so that you will not make a mistake when making a choice. First and foremost, you must know the people behind a hosting firm – the CEO, members of board of directors, top management staff, etc. Are they reputable people? Can they be trusted? Are they reliable? The reliability of people behind a firm will reflect on its activities. Thank God we are now in the information era, you can get any information you want as long as you are willing to. Secondly, is the provider well capitalized? When I say well capitalized, I mean does it have enough money to meet the present-day demand in the industry. Web hosting is big business and no mean dare enter into it. We are talking about the lives of people here. The internet is now the life-support of the world and anyone daring to host others websites must be well-footed. There are servers to be procured, tele. gadgets to be put in place, latest software to be purchased, experienced, skilled and highly motivated staff to be engaged and trained, necessary infrastructure to be put in place etc. You will agree with me that its no childs play. Moreover, what type of service does a host intend to offer? Shared, VPS or dedicated? If it is shared, will it not put too many clients on a server thereby causing havoc for them? Will it make use of the right operating system for the server to achieve excellent result? If it is VPS, will it properly split the server into multiple divisions so that clients would feel like they are one on a dedicated host? If it is dedicated, will it make use of software like Linux to make sure that programs like PHP, MySQL, HTML, etc. function appropriately? How about security issues? Can it guarantee the security of information and files in its care? Can hackers easily gain access into its systems? Security of files is of utmost importance in web hosting because you wouldnt want to wake up one day and find out that your website has disappeared. It is like a building collapsing. Where is the provider located? Im sorry I have to write on this but it is the bitter truth. A hosting provider must be located in a country where adequate infrastructure is available. When I say infrastructure, I mean basic amenities that will make the running of a business efficient and inexpensive. It is only in this type of environment that a reliable service can be provided. In the highly .petitive world we are right now, only those in the right environment can .pete favourably. Finally, can a web hosting provider offer a round-the-clock technical assistance and support? The inter. does not sleep, hence a provider must not sleep. Customer support staff must be available, either on phone or through live chat, at all times. It takes responsibility to offer a reliable hosting service in todays world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: