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.munications When asked about a specific color, say for example the color RED, what .es to your head? Well technically, based on Wikipedia, red is any of a number of similar colors evoked by light .prising predominantly of the longest wavelengths of light recognizable by the human eye. Physiology-wise, the color red is affiliated with blood, or having an emergency situation. Red is a lot of things for us and may even resemble a lot of emotions that may stimulate the human blood. The Red Wine symbolizes unparalleled taste; in the fairy tale Snow White, the red apple symbolized an enchanted apple; a Red Heart is passion and so does Red Roses but the Red Scarlet Letter is guilt, wickedness and anger. The Ruby is precious, The Redshirts are fighters and the Lady in Red is sensually appealing and provocative. Overall, the color red bears for a mixed emotions of passion and hatred. Frequently I see red-haired women walking the streets. A few attractive women in Hollywood are red-headed as well like Isla Fisher, Allyson Hannigan, Debra Messing and Julianne Moore. Ive invariably sought to be similar to them but I cant afford to dye my hair red. It just does not .pliment my skin tone that is essentially why I would rather opt to implement the color red on my things than on myself. My hunt for red things on the web has taken me to one specific device which seized my attention, the newly launched red mobile phone from Vodafone. Not only does the Vodafone VF533 mobile phone screams flair and affordability but it has all the fun traits that you are searching for in a phone. The VF533 Vodafone has 4G SD memory that permits you to keep files such as MP3s, pictures and many others. It gives you more than adequate room for your preferred tunes to a capacity of more or less 1000 tracks and hears them through the MP3 player or the Stereo Fm radio embedded on the phone. Furthermore, this phone carries a more than mediocre 1.3MP photographic camera which is more than sufficient for getting images. Find yourself with nothing to do while patiently at a bus stop or waiting at the airport for your airplane to begin boarding passengers? No problem, the Vodafone VF533 red will unquestionably keep you from getting bored with its embedded games which is sure to keep you entertained. With all the current features consolidated in this mobile phone, it still holds its .paratively cheap price. The creditable cut-rate price tag will definitely pull in a wide range of customers. I have constantly been a believer that more often than not, great things .e in small packages but I never thought that great things also .e in affordable packages. The Vodafone VF533 Red, without a doubt, a mobile phone worthy of getting. Who ever thought that being sexy in red can be this inexpensive? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: