Travel-and-Leisure Samoa might be a perfect location for your next holiday! Whether it is family holiday, single traveller, business traveller, business meetings, annual vacation, wedding, honeymoon, you can find it all in Samoa Samoa is located in South Pacific Ocean, halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, and east of International Date Line. Some refer Samoa as treasure island where you can .e and search for your treasure. There are so many things that can be done in Samoa; relax on the beach, water sport, enjoy romantic feeling, adventure etc. Tropical rainforest, beautiful waterfalls,sunshine all year round, sandy white can find it all in Samoa And as for ac.modation, do not worry, there are ranges of ac.modation varies from luxury to cheap hotel. Bring phone card or calling card with you to save calling cost during your holiday to Samoa and lastly, share your travel adventure to the world by having own website hosted by good web hosting For the travellers who loves water activities, Samoa offers all kinds of water sport activities such as jet skiing, waterfalls jumping, diving, fishing, snorkelling etc. For diving, Samoa offers a huge variety of marine life (thousands exotic fish varirty,turtle, unique sharks, ells, hundreds corals) to be astonished during your diving experience in Samoa You might think that Samoa is all about water activities; however, Samoa also offers wide varieties on land activities. Hiking through rainforest is one of the activities. During your hiking, you will discover the beauty of the rainforest, lakes, visit beautiful water falls, blowholes, mangroves, Green turtle conservation, visit the traditional village and if you are lucky, you will witness the spectacular fire knife dance, enjoy the game kirikiri with locals and learn about Polynesian culture. Visit also Robert Louis Stevenson and be inspired his loves of Samoa that inspired him to write his found Treasure Island. Go to local market to buy souvenirs and Samoa handicraft. The name of places that you ought to visit is: Alofaaga Blowholes located in village of Taga and after that walked through the ancient village of Fagaloa Mu Pagoa Waterfalls located between village of Puleia and Gautavia Fuipisia waterfalls 55 mm waterfalls Papapapai-Uta Falls 100 mm eaterfalls Togitogiga Falls While watching the waterfalls, it is great area for swimming to. Bathroom and changing rooms available and its free! Just be careful to check the rocks before jump into the water Falealupa Rainforest excellent scenery with forest canopy walkway Satiuatua Great beach for snorkelling and swimming, there is also an area in Satiuatua where you can spot owls and flying fox Falealupa Lava Tube Trail- Where villagers take shelter during cyclones Tafua Peninsula Rainforest Preserve Ideal for bid watching lover Saanapu and Sataoa Mangroves Take a canoe tour of Saanapu and Sataoa Mangroves There are so many gorgeous views in Samoa, with the .bination of fertile soil and tropical climate, it brings the tropical rainforest and other amazing landscape. Do not worry about .munication in Samoa as English is mostly spoken by most Samonian, especially the one in Tourism industry. Other than the view, the water, Samoa is also well known for its food! For those on honeymoon, be sure to have a romantic candle lit dinner with traditional Samoan fiafia (musix & dance) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: