Samsung Cup double elimination. The five battle of the ancient Li Qiu Jun’s benefit marie digby

Samsung Cup double elimination. The five War: the ancient Li Qiu Jun’s benefit 2009 Kong Jie narrowly won the Li Yuanlian sina sports news on September 7th, the twenty-first Samsung Juxian cup world open end of the 32 war second round competition, 16 players will win a game for the third round of the tiebreaker in the 8 day of the contest, which Chinese, Cai Jing, Yu Bin, South Korea, Japan Xiangyi Bian Yili Liaoning second in 3 days meeting. Lost a game is still alive, the new defeat of the enemy can be reported the next day, which is the charm of the double elimination system. The organizers of the current world series on the unique double defeat elimination system, has been eighth years. With the rest of the contest (single elimination semi-final before both) compared to the competition system to increase stimulation reduces chance, in the international contest this time limited tournament, as far as possible to give players the opportunity to show their strength. Double defeat elimination system began in 2009, the fourteenth Samsung Cup, immediately after the opening of a lot of news. At that time, the Korean Chess Academy Li Yuanlian qualifying game winning streak Han Shangxun, Han Xiongkui, Jiang Province to strong occupation, scored this season, is the first Samsung Cup amateur 7 Liu Jun scored the game, second amateur players appear in the game. The 32 strong group phase, the last runner up Kong Jie the first round encounter Li Yuan pity, was almost upset, after 292 hands playing for nearly 7 hours, Kong Jiecai and a half to win. The second round of Kong Jie lost to Li Changgao, Li Yuanlian beat Hong Ji dippers, the two meet again in the decider. This time Kong Jie woke up, did not give Lee the opportunity to win promotion. There is a group, Qiu Jun became the first bitter sweet lucky. The first round he lost to the Japanese War player Yuki Cong, second round victory over South Korea veteran Cui GUI Bing, Yuki Satoshi in the second round by the forces of compatriot Yamashita Keigoboshi down, then he and Wang again suffered grinding. The two sides began fighting from the entanglement of layout, Qiu Jun boldly discard on the edge of the 2, and the other black dragon, only 94 hands, 21 son of the dragon is Yuki across half a bilge case one eyed death. If it is a single elimination, Qiu Jun as early as the first round has fallen. Therefore, he should be the first beneficiary of the implementation of the elimination of double defeat. Another group of the first round, Chen Yaoye defeated Pu Tinghuan, Zhou Heyang will win gold two players were China Miri, winner of battle, to be optimistic about everyone Xiaoqiang actually lost to Zhou Heyang, the first to qualify for any. So the little park and Jack Bauer expected touch again. Chen Yaoye fishing after washing, forcing the small park attack, the two sides formed rob conversion, the small park also Chen Yaoye 143 hand cut victory. In addition to the first round of the two, Xu Yinghao wins promotion Huang Yizhong. 3 months later, the two finals in the group phase of active or passive manufacturing news China player, Kong Jie 2 to 0 victory over Qiu Jun, won his first world champion occupation career. In 2010 fifteenth, the first round of the strongest group phase, South Korea early Han Shangxun defeated Chang Hao, caused a sensation; on the other side they were favorably, 17 year old Tan Xiao only 123 hand disc defeating Li Changgao. This group of the original script should be hand in hand to Chang Hao Lee brothers agreed, but was two young killjoy ramming it. Go)相关的主题文章: