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SEO Is developing a website is all that we need to have a business running or we need to do something else? Yes we definably need to workout some tactics that help in attracting traffic, a website alone is a boogie without an engine. and SEO is an engine that drives a website. Search engine optimization is done to index a site higher in the search engine index. Earlier people used to follow tactics which were generic,easy to follow but the trend has changed a lot during the past 2 years especially after Google introduced their Algorithms Google Panda and Penguin .Due to increasing number of sites famous search engines like Google are now working strictly to decide which website to index higher and which in the lower index. SEO services India is no more keyboard stuffing any more. You have to be very careful while working. If, you have been following the trends in the past few years then you can easily find out the major update been made in this field. The Goal of this year to provide people with quality content and giving them a call to action. the idea is to enhance user experience. Below are the points to be notice. 1. content’s quality is going to make difference. If it has good quality,unique and provides relevant information they your website will be placed higher in the index. Number of outbound link to quality site of which are rated higher in the index will help. 2. Authorship : Google will now be deciding web site’s rank on the basis of their author for that they will have to authenticate their content/reputation which will further determine the quality of content. The value of author will add more trust of search engines in the website. 3. Mobile: A huge .munity of people are mobile users and is increasing continuously. This give a clear indication that business owners should also considering mobile version of websites to increase traffic. 4. Content: Content has always played an important part in success of any website. The basic purpose is to have back-links and adding value to the reader. According to the latest trend quality of the content should be high and suitable strategies should be applied to market that content. 5.Social Signals: this has been accepted that sharing content through social mediums greatly impact web-site’s ranking. hence they have been accepted Sharing , re-tweets , mentions etc are greatly desired by web-masters in 2013. If you haven’t start following the latest trend and still working as per what you used to do they here is the time to accept the reality that it is not going to help you. SEO is more real like you are dealing with a human. Try to avoid illegal tactics and old ones to generate traffic . A lot of websites in past few years experienced same hard realities. So rather stop concentrating on old tactics start following new ones to reach higher and higher in the rankings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: