Several Celebrity Couples Tie The Knot On First Weekend August In Lavish Summer

Marriage-Wedding The first weekend of August has proven to be one of the busiest weekends of the summer wedding season. Several celebrities and public personalities decided to tie the knot with their significant others. The biggest of them all had to be the Chelsea Clinton wedding. The only daughter of one of the most powerful couples in American politics, Ms. Clinton wed her longtime boyfriend hedgefund manager Marc Mezvinsky in a private but lavish wedding ceremony at the Astor Courts Estate in Rhinebeck, New York. The bride followed the keypoints of the summer wedding by having an outdoor wedding and the reception was held in tents on the lawns of the famed estate. Rumor says that the tent were fully equipped with running water and other amenities at a whopping $50,000 a piece. The happy couple is now on their honeymoon but even this piece of information is top secret as not even the bride knew the destination. Another major star to get married this weekend was T.I. ,the famous rapper who recently returned from his 1 year stint in jail, married his long time girlfriend Tiny. Tiny is not a stranger to fame or the music business as she was a former member of the female RnB group Xscape. The couple already have two children together so the wedding is pretty much a formality. Where the Clinton wedding had few celebrity guests the T.I. wedding was full of celebrities everywhere you looked. Chili of Salt N Pepper was a guest as well as pop sensation Usher. Other guests included Kandi Burrus another member of Xscape, and Jamie Foxx who sang the wedding processional. The couple had two ceremonies. The couple first got married in a civil ceremony at the courthouse and then a second all out ceremony for friends and family in Miami at the famous Star Island home to major celebrities like Shaquille O’Neil and Gloria Estefan. The wedding was presaged by T.I.’s latest music video with Keri Hilson, " I got your Back." In the song T.I. and Hilson talk about the value of good and loyal woman and in the end his future wife Tiny makes a cameo appearance. While the couple has had its share of tough times it seems to have only strenghtened the couple and better prepared them for life as man and wife. The party definitely did not stop in Miami as the newlywed couple and guests continued the party in Las Vegas. So you can say that the couple was able to fuse the themes of summer, the beach, and Las Vegas in their wedding ceremony and events. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats were two other celebrities to get married. The couple was expected to get married soon especially with Ms. Keys due soon to give birth to their first child. The couple married in a private ceremony presided by spritual guru Deepak chopra on the island of corsica. Though the relationship started with some scandal concerning swizz Beats’s previous wife, there are hopes of this being a happy union. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: