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Tourists Huangling Park was a swarm of bees attack   Scenic Area — investigation said difficult Shanxi channel — original title: tourists Shanxi Huangling forest parks was a swarm of bees attack area area investigation difficult during the national day, Huangling forest parks a spate of attacks visitors swarm events, there have been more than 20 tourists were the bee stings in different degrees. Scenic area management said that before the holidays have been on the scenic security risks to conduct a comprehensive investigation, because the area is too large, there are some difficulties in the investigation of cellular objectively, to avoid accidents, apologize to the public and tourists being stung. Earlier media reports, during the National Day holiday, Forest Park Shaanxi Huangling spate of attacks visitors swarm events, about hundreds of people were stung, most slight sting to leave the injured area for medical treatment, more than 20 heavy tourists at a nearby Clinic cure. 4 afternoon, a lot of children were stung, the scene of a crying scene. Huangling Forest Park scenic area management on the evening of 5 revealed that the afternoon of October 4th, there are more than twenty tourists walk by a bee sting in different degrees of Huangling Forest Park forest tourist. After the incident, the scenic area staff to appease the feelings of tourists, a simple wound treatment, and the injured tourists rushed to the nearest medical institutions (waist Ping health center, shop head Central Hospital) for examination and treatment. According to the scenic side, considerate to tourists suffer physical and emotional discomfort to the patient to staff, sincerely help tourists get stung treated and visitors to appease emotions, finally have all been stung tourists understanding in the medical field. Most of the tourists are stung lighter, after the treatment without serious injury to leave. As of 5 pm, 2 hospitalized tourists (1 children sent to the Xi’an Children’s Hospital, the other 1 tourists rushed to Huangling County Hospital) were discharged. The scenic side said that with the autumn, honey honey bees to support peak, although the scenic spots in advance a tour line surrounding the timing safety inspection system, the admission notice printed to remind visitors of the snake, and the National Day holiday before special scenic security risks in a comprehensive investigation, but due to the scenic area of Liuwanwuqianyu acres. There are some difficulties for the investigation of cellular objectively, failed to avoid the accident. Apologize to the scenic spot was stung tourists and the public, and promised to continue to improve the tourism safety prevention system and emergency plan. Forest Park is located in the southwest of Shaanxi Huangling bridge hill in Huangling County, 40 kilometers from the county seat of the park, lush forests, humid climate. Approved as a national Forest Park in 2012. (end) (reporter Gao Qingguo) (Deng     commissioning editor: Nan, Ren Lihong) 陕西黄陵森林公园游客遭群蜂攻击 景区称面积大排查有难度–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:陕西黄陵森林公园游客遭群蜂攻击 景区称面积大排查有难度 国庆期间,陕西黄陵森林公园接连发生群蜂袭击游人事件,先后有二十余名游客被蜜蜂不同程度蜇伤。景区管理方表示,假期前已对景区安全隐患进行全面排查,由于景区面积太大,对蜂窝的排查客观上存在一定难度,未能避免意外的发生,向被蛰游客和社会公众表达歉意。 此前有媒体报道,国庆长假期间,陕西黄陵森林公园接连发生群蜂袭击游人事件,有大约上百名游人被蜇,大部分轻微蜇伤者自行离开景区就医,二十多名较重游客在附近一所医务室医治。4日下午有很多小孩被蜇,景区现场哭声一片。 黄陵森林公园景区管理方5日晚透露,10月4日下午,有二十余名游客在黄陵森林公园林间游客步行道被蜜蜂不同程度蜇伤。事情发生后,景区工作人员对游客情绪进行了安抚,进行简单的伤口处理,并将受伤游客送往最近的医疗机构(腰坪卫生所、店头中心医院)进行检查、治疗。 据景区方介绍,体谅到游客身体和情绪上遭受的不适,经工作人员耐心、真诚地协助被蛰游客接受治疗并安抚游客情绪,最终在医疗现场得到所有被蛰游客的谅解。大部分游客被蛰较轻,经过现场治疗无大碍后离开。截至5日下午,2名接受住院治疗的游客(1名小孩送往西安儿童医院,另1名游客送往黄陵县医院)也均已出院。 景区方表示,随着秋季来临,蜜蜂进入采蜜护蜜高峰期,虽然景区在事前建立了游览线路周边定时安全巡查制度,印制了入园须知提醒游客注意蛇虫,并在国庆假期前之前专门对景区安全隐患进行了全面排查,但由于景区面积达六万五千余亩,对蜂窝的排查客观上存在一定难度,未能避免此次意外的发生。景区向被蛰游客和社会公众表达歉意,并承诺不断完善旅游安全事前预防制度和事后应急方案。 陕西黄陵森林公园位于黄陵县城西南部,距县城40公里的桥山林区,公园森林茂密,气候湿润。2012年经批准为国家级森林公园。(完) (记者 高庆国) (责编:邓  楠、任丽虹)相关的主题文章: