Sichuan within two years will complete the small town (Central Village) power grid transformation an-mmhouse

Small towns in Sichuan will be completed within two years (the village center) power grid upgrading task of the newspaper news (reporter Yang Caihua) yesterday, reporters from the national network of Sichuan electric power company was informed that the next two years, the company plans to invest 9 billion yuan, completed all the small town (Village Center) power grid transformation upgrade task; plans to invest 400 million yuan, two years within the operating area of farmland irrigation well power. It is understood that the State Grid Sichuan electric power company operating area within a total of 6000 small towns (Central Village), involving 10 million people; a total of 5000 eyes of irrigation wells need to be modified, involving 390 thousand acres of farmland. In the next two years, our province will actively promote the implementation of supporting policy funds, strengthen cooperation, and promote the establishment of long-term cooperation mechanism, and the State Grid Sichuan company. "12th Five-Year" period, the national network of Sichuan, a total investment of 130 billion yuan, in boosting Sichuan power grid construction and hydropower consumptive delivery, rural city upgrading has done a lot of work. The next step, the national network of Sichuan company will actively carry out the implementation of the project work, establish an effective mechanism for promoting the work, strengthen the cohesion management and enterprise internal capital allocation, material supply chain project bidding, equipment of power, reasonable organization construction, to ensure the progress of the project. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original text, only to expand reading, a new round of rural power grid transformation and upgrading started

四川两年内将完成小城镇(中心村)电网改造升级任务本报讯 (记者 杨彩华) 昨日,记者从国网四川电力公司获悉,今明两年,该公司将规划投资90亿元,完成全部小城镇(中心村)电网改造升级任务;规划投资4亿元,两年内实现经营区域内农田灌溉机井通电。据了解,国网四川电力公司经营区域内共有6000个小城镇(中心村),涉及1000万人;共有5000眼农田灌溉机井需要改造,涉及39万亩农田。今明两年,我省将和国网四川公司积极推动配套政策资金落实到位,加强协作,推动建立长效合作机制。“十二五”期间,国网四川公司共投资1300亿元,在助推四川电网建设和水电消纳外送、城农网改造升级等方面做了大量工作。下一步,国网四川公司将积极做好项目实施工作,建立有效的工作推进机制,加强工程的统筹管理和企业内部资金配置、物资招标、设备供应等环节的衔接,合理组织施工力量,确保工程进度。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 新一轮农村电网改造升级启动相关的主题文章: