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Fashion-Style One reason why people these days are getting more and more into wearing silver jewelry may well be its simplicity. That is one thing that even yellow gold will have a hard time trying to match, the plainness and simplicity of silver. When one encounters the word gold it is quite normal for one to automatically associate it with either its high value or even something majestic but never with plain simplicity. But when it .es to the word silver, there is definitely other images that pops up into ones mind other than the price tag. Developments in philosophical, literary, and modern art trends have a considerable effect on the way people think about fashion. New sensibilities that came out of post structuralism and minimalism advocate simplicity. The influence also came from the East via the Japanese Zen Buddhism which preaches the life of simplicity over wordiness and noise. It also brought along with it the Zen Art which became very fashionable in the West. In the Japanese flower arrangement art of Ikebana, the haiku poems, and the Japanese Rock Garden, simplicity is their essence. The minimalist and Zen style art and architectural visions can be seen from simple flower vase designs to modern building structures in many modern cities. This type of sensibility also had great influence on peoples choice of jewelry, including design and material. Though the preference of buying silver jewelry over yellow gold may also have resulted from its affordability, it is not always the case. Many top pop and rock stars and other sort of celebrities are seen wearing silver jewelry and they can hardy be thought of taking into consideration the affordability factor. They also serve as icons worshiped and mimicked by the .mon public and it also became one reason for the popularity of silver jewelry in this age. So whatever the reason are for folks today choosing silver jewelry over other precious metals, it is apparent that affordability is not the only factor at play and one keyword can definitely be simplicity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: