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Movies-TV It was revealed by Sir Roger Moore in his monthly questions and answers feature on his official forum for September 2009, that he would be willing to play a part in Doctor Who. The question below that produced this response from Sir Roger was by a fan called Rainer. My question is unusual for a German, because Dr Who is not very well known in Germany. As an icon on British screens in TV series like The Saint and The Persuaders, you play along Nicholas Courtney, Roger Delgado, Anneke Wills and even the second Doctor himself, Patrick Troughton. You even worked with the inventor of the Daleks, Terry Nation, so why did you never appear near the TARDIS? Also would you consider playing a part in the series, or did you not like Science Fiction? Sir Roger in his typical self deprecating humour said I was never asked to be in Dr Who, mind you in the old days the budgets were so small that they probably could not have afforded my air fare! I believe Timothy Dalton is next to appearing in one of the new episodes, so if they ever want anyone to play his dad, I am available. I have not done much science fiction in my career, aside from Moonraker. Mind you, I am planning to voice a couple of characters in a new animated sci fi show next year. Watch this space. Timothy Dalton played James Bond after Sir Roger Moore in, The Living Daylights and Licence To Kill. Dalton is thought to have a role in the cult British sci fi show Doctor Who as the mysterious character The Narrator, for the Christmas special in December 2009. If you would like to keep up to date with all Sir Roger Moore activities, go to his official website, where you can read the latest questions and answers of the month. Also if you would like to have the chance of asking Sir Roger Moore a question yourself! Go to his official forum, he answers six fans every month. My Word Is My Bond, the autobiography of Sir Roger Moore is now published and for sale on Amazon. Sir Roger Moore and how he was introduced to UNICEF. My curiosity got the better of me after Audrey Hepburn introduced me to UNICEF. I wanted to find out more than just the facts and figures. Sir Roger was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador on 9 August 1991, and is a steadfast advocate for children, visiting UNICEF supported programs around the world, bringing attention to child crisis issues and enlisting support and donations. Sir Rogers early missions, including visits to Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala, showed him the desperate conditions faced by many of the worlds children and the breadth of UNICEF work in the field. Sir Roger is a .pelling voice on issues such as HIV and AIDS, landmine injuries and iodine deficiency. As the honorary chair of Kiwanis International Worldwide Service Project a key UNICEF partner he has helped raise US$91 million for the elimination of iodine deficiency. An eloquent speaker and fund-raiser, Sir Roger has helped introduce a number of major UNICEF initiatives. In 1987, for example, he launched the check out for Children programme, a partnership with Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, which has raised more than US$16 million to support life-saving immunisation programmes for children throughout the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: