Skin allergies eat fruits and vegetables should be careful to eat more than 9 kinds of fruit freyja

Skin allergy eats fruit and vegetable to want to be able to eat 9 kinds of fruit skin allergy to eat what is good? Prone to skin allergies in the choice of food should pay special attention to the crowd, eat some of the advantages of food allergies. Here, we will introduce you to skin allergies to eat fruits and vegetables should be and how to avoid it. What to eat fruits and vegetables good apple skin allergy: color, beautiful, fragrant crisp and sweet, is a popular favorite fruit. Including quinic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, tannic acid, aromatic alcohol, pectin etc.. Chinese medicine believes that Apple flat, sweet and sour, into the lung and spleen by two, invigorating the lungs, Sheng Jin detoxification, tonifying qi and stomach sobering Pinggan magic. Due to fructose and more acid, the teeth have a strong corrosive effect, the best time to eat mouthwash after brushing teeth. Peel an apple or slice it into mud, apply it to the face, and take it for 15 minutes – take it after 20 minutes. Apple has the role of convergence, toner, commonly used to make the skin smooth, face plaque reduction. Suitable for neutral skin. Apricot peach: calm effect. A kind of oil can be extracted apricot fruit, this ingredient can calm nerves, and can promote skin healing. Orange: sweet acid, cool. Contains malic acid, citric acid, succinic acid, carotene, glucose: Grapefruit containing insulin, carbohydrate, vitamins, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron, fat etc.. Sweet and sour taste. But under the gas, anti-inflammatory, food hangover, hypoglycemic effect is unique, but also beauty hair. Lemon beauty: a "generalist". Lemon contains vitamin C and fruit acid, its essential oil has antibacterial effect, can soften and clean the skin, and can clean the skin and increase the depth of facial elasticity. Kiwi: kiwi is all-match good fruit, is suitable for all skin types. As long as the kiwi juice smear on the face for fifteen minutes, you can let the kiwi play to protect the skin, prevent aging effect. Beauty Jiapin can not miss oh. Litchi: litchi is ideal for detox. It can promote the synthesis of body toxins, cells, has a good effect for the delicate skin. Cabbage: Chinese cabbage has a high nutritional value, there is a hundred dishes as cabbage. Autumn and winter the air is particularly dry, cold and great harm to human skin, and cabbage are rich in vitamins, eat cabbage, can play a very good skin care and beauty. Cabbage cellulose not only can play Runchang, promote detoxification effect, can promote the body’s absorption of animal protein. Rape rape: the nutrient content and its therapeutic value can be regarded as a vegetable in the crowd, according to expert determination, contains a variety of nutrients in rapeseed, which contain more vitamin C than Chinese cabbage 1 times higher. Rape is rich in calcium, iron and vitamin C, carotene is also very rich, is the human body mucosa and epithelial tissue to maintain the growth of an important source of nutrition, for the protection of excessive skin hyperkeratosis. Skin allergies should not eat what fruit and vegetable milk vetch, rape, spinach and other vegetables: we all know that vegetables are rich in nutrition, and there are many benefits to the human body, but some people eat some vegetables may cause allergic reactions. Because some vegetables are eaten.相关的主题文章: