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Small post: hot weekend events and TV table small forecast popular in Europe this weekend, the five major European League return, at the end of the "long" 2 week international match day, European football will show how wonderful? Sina lottery small artificial intelligence statistics this weekend here, more popular in the five major league key events and live TV program for everyone, convenient access to the lottery friends! Strong dialogue this weekend is not much, due to usher in the Champions League and Europa next week, many European giants played in the game on Saturday night in Beijing, drew the attention of the majority of users! On Saturday October 15th 02:30 seventh in the Bundesliga round of the Dortmund – Berlin Herta cannon wide body prediction 19:30 Premier League eighth round Chelsea – Leicester City, 21:00 forecast eighth Serie A Naples – Rome soccer Bundesliga seventh Frankfurt small 21:30 – Bayern Munich CCTV5+ small 22:00 forecast the Premier League eighth round – Everton CCTV5 small 22:00 Manchester City Premier League eighth round – Swansea small arsenal 22:15 La Liga eighth round of Barcelona – La Coruna, Qinghai satellite TV forecast Sunday October 16th 00:30 seventh in the Bundesliga round Bremen – Leverkusen CCTV5+ soccer 00:30 eighth round small cannon prediction La Liga Atletico Madrid – Chongqing TV, Granada forecast 02:45 eighth Serie A Juventus – Udine This small 02:45 forecast eighth Spanish round Bettis – Real Madrid Guangdong Shanghai sports sports small prediction 18:30 eighth Serie A Florence – Atlanta 21:00 eighth serie a gun size prediction of Milan – Cagliari CCTV5+ international soccer small 21:30 forecast the Bundesliga seventh Mainz – Darmstadt CCTV5, 23:00 predicted the eighth round of the Southampton Premier League Burnley – Guangdong sports sports Shanghai small prediction 02:45 the eighth round of Serie A Milan small Chievo -AC 05:30 forecast eighth serie a small Santos Gremio Sina lottery lottery recommended small intelligent prediction, prediction of artificial intelligence is a match, it uses complex event sequence analysis and machine learning model, automatic error correction and prediction results; evolution, it has PB level data processing, large-scale Cluster parallel computing support; integration of data characteristics of the million level, according to the automatic analysis of the target prediction mining. Self learning and error correction, the characteristics of its evolution, fully embodies the superiority of artificial intelligence, in the same lottery prediction products in an absolutely leading position; combination of CPU+GPU parallel play the advantages of integration, greatly enhance the accuracy of the prediction results for the final. It’s a unique algorithm, enough to adapt to the rapidly changing field data and disk compensation letter相关的主题文章: