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Song Dongye drug industry: Star drug, don’t try to find a new network excuse – Red Net News October 14th Changsha (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhou Shihao) entertainment "prison" add a star? Beijing media 13 days around 18 from authoritative sources confirmed that the creation of "Miss Dong" folk singer Song Dongye, was arrested by Beijing police for drug-related. About drug use, there are a small number of people in the entertainment industry, with sub culture, looking for inspiration and even rock and roll to defend. Entertainment critic Song Ziwen pointed to these claims, but the loss of faith in fig leaf, indulge your excuse. Simple and honest voice of the fat, expected in the 29 year old Song Dongye, the famous folk singer, songwriter. 2013 happy boys draft, players left stand singing a song he wrote "Miss Dong" sparked heated debate. Subsequently, the "Song Dongye", "a zebra bridge" have become a major hit song draft. As a well-known folk musicians in the circle, Song Dongye has long been a part of the festival. He gave the impression of a simple and honest man. A Song Dongye is responsible for docking at the festival staff recalled, "he saw at the rehearsal, fat, wearing a simple T-shirt, chin beard. During that time, Miss Dong was red, and I was worried that he would be a little difficult to contact. But now he is a good deal, speak loudly, attitude is also very friendly, the feeling is a honest man." Because it is a long performance, Song Dongye took the initiative to sing the "Liuyang River", "is to enliven the atmosphere, so he should be a very attractive stage singer." The staff said, from the aspect of the way of getting along with people, don’t think he will drugs, "but this circle, we do not understand the spectator of shallow water depth, only a whimper." The lack of faith in the industry is more terrible than drug abuse Song Dongye is not the first time because of the drug issue has become controversial. In 2014, Song Dongye was interviewed by the media when he was talking about star drug abuse, saying that this is certainly a bad thing, but we may think it too serious. A speech, immediately received a lot of criticism. Is it really too serious? In recent years, Ke Zhendong, Jaycee Chan, Ning Caishen, Mao Ning and other artists has caught drug-related, which leads to some netizens anger refers to "does the circle and drug scandal can not get away forever!" Even more frightening, is some of the drug within the circle of rhetoric. Entertainment critic Song Ziwen analysis, "the circle of the so-called" sub culture "and" looking for inspiration "rhetoric, just an excuse for self indulgence." In Song Ziwen’s view, "some of the stars is not short of money, life is not a goal, spiritual emptiness looking for fun, with the move of drugs. It also highlights the loss of faith in some people." Does the creation of artists often face pressure and difficulties, but this is not a drug excuse, through drug to achieve breakthrough creation practice, only a person in the creation of the wits." Song Ziwen said. Some netizens for "pressure" rhetoric comments more sharp, "if the pressure, can alleviate the drug; then scientists to study, is the anatomy of living.相关的主题文章: