Survey data show that China’s average 1370 elderly people lost every day remonstrate

Survey data show that: China’s daily average of 1370 elderly people lost yesterday, the national office on aging issued "the fourth urban and rural elderly living conditions Chinese sampling survey results", the report of China’s elderly population including sex and age structure, economic status, health and aging industry market conditions such as the latest sample survey results. The report shows that while the health of the elderly continues to improve, there are still 18.3% of elderly people with disability, semi disabled state, a total of up to 40 million 630 thousand people. The family environment of the elderly can not adapt to changes in the physical condition of the elderly more than 6. In addition, the Ministry of Civil Affairs under the China Academy of Social Assistance Research Institute released "report of China lost the elderly". The report shows that the annual national lost about 500 thousand elderly people, the average daily walk around 1370 people. Dementia and lack of care as the main reason for the lost man. Nearly 2 of the focus of the elderly lost half reported that the loss of the past few years, in recent years, China’s elderly in preventive health care, health care and other aspects of progress has been made in the 1. The report shows that in 2000, covering the urban and rural elderly health examination has just started, and by 2015, 56.9% of the elderly in urban and rural areas enjoy free medical examination; in addition, in 2015 the proportion of urban and rural health care for the elderly have reached 98.9% and 98.6% respectively. However, the report also shows that although the overall health of the elderly in China is improving, but the health status of the elderly is still not optimistic. 2015, the national urban and rural disabled, semi disabled elderly accounted for 18.3% of the proportion of the elderly population, the total number of about 40 million 630 thousand people. In addition to this part of disability, semi disabled elderly, even for the health of the elderly, due to deterioration of the body function, 58.7% of the urban and rural elderly people think housing there is not old, this proportion is as high as 63.2% in the rural elderly. Some areas in order to allow older people to adapt to their living environment, but also the "aging" transformation. Beijing City Civil Affairs Bureau deputy director Li Hongbing told the Beijing News reporter, around the old "live", 2016 Beijing city government plans for 5000 households need economic difficulties, disability, loss of independence and other special difficulties elderly family room, bathroom, channel and other places access, bath, toilet "aging" transformation. The focus of the 2 rural Empty Nester exceeded 50% report shows that the Chinese old people’s spiritual and cultural life is more and more abundant, in addition to watching TV, listening to the radio, reading, gardening, pets, in chess activities, the Internet has become an important part of the cultural life of the elderly. The report provides data show that in 2015, 5% of the elderly often access the Internet, the elderly in the town, the proportion of 9.1%. At the same time, tourism has increasingly become a new choice for the elderly leisure life, 13.1% of the elderly said in a clear plan to travel in the coming year. But the survey shows that China’s current elderly mental comfort service is seriously insufficient, the spirit of the rural elderly loneliness problem is particularly serious, empty nest elderly accounted for the proportion of the elderly population reached 51.3%, 51.7% in rural. July 4, 2015 afternoon相关的主题文章: