Taizhou coastal high-speed construction nine months to complete the investment task of 99.15% plustek

Taizhou coastal high-speed construction nine months to complete the task of investment in the construction of the 99.15% figure of the Taizhou Bay bridge. Mid Autumn Festival, the Taizhou coast, a north-south traffic "artery", in a majestic. In the southern city of Wenling, 24 hours to complete the construction of the Yanshan tunnel is expected by the end of 70%. In the mouth of the Jiaojiang sea, Taizhou Bay Bridge will be the first piece of beam plate installation time. In Duqiao coastal city, market exchange hub stands a viaduct pile. In the three Bay, three Bay Bridge show tall pier. The main coastal areas, and then build a large platform, Taizhou coastal highway up and the province of Taizhou blue dream. According to the municipal higher benchmark, advanced, brave as the vanguard, the general requirements to the brilliant innovation ", to tackle tough competition, catching up as the guiding ideology, Taizhou coastal highway construction has entered a period of acceleration". The first nine months of this year, completed an investment of $6 billion 247 million, for the beginning of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government issued a total investment of 6 billion 300 million yuan of the task of more than 99.15%, exceeding the Provincial Department of transportation issued earlier than the $5 billion 500 million investment mission. To move to lay the foundation – the province’s annual demolition of about 30 thousand acres, the coastal high speed for the past 8 months to pay the land of Zhejiang Province, a year of the amount of about 30 thousand acres. Taizhou coastal high-speed 8 months of demolition, nearly the province’s annual demolition of 60%. A number of provincial departments, with "unexpected" to praise Taizhou coastal high-speed resettlement work. Lu Shanfu, party secretary and deputy commander in chief of Taizhou coastal highway engineering construction headquarters, said: "the policy process is the key and foundation of the project construction. Coastal high speed 8 months to complete the land clearing table to the land of 17 thousand and 300 acres, to achieve a full range of barrier free construction." Taizhou coastal highway policy processing involves 6 counties (cities, districts) 23 towns (street) 314 administrative villages, a total of 17 thousand and 300 acres of land, required the demolition of 420 thousand square meters of housing, the migration grave more than 30 thousand points, to 2600 bar line shift. Facing the arduous task of resettlement, at all levels of command and along the Party committee and government come up with spirit, played a nice battle. In August last year, the Wenling section with only 4 months to complete the land acquisition of 3211 acres. Shiqiao Town, the first to complete the relocation of 350 graves, 180 acres of land acquisition and demolition of housing units in 2016, the Spring Festival in before the new home has been relocated. 30 days to complete the 550 grave relocation, 150 houses demolition, demolition of 70 thousand square meters of housing for 80 days, 21 days of demolition of 27 houses, "Lei Shi speed" and "speed" Ruo Heng "Changsha amazing efforts". "Hard work on the hero, to move forward to move forward", "hundred days without cease and double service" "hundred days""…… This year, with a series of competitions as the starting point, the coastal high-speed line relocation in April put a period of work. Before the construction team enters the sea, the land clearing table is completed. Three sections of a day to complete the table to pay 1500 acres of land, creating the "acceleration of the three doors". Party secretary Wang Changrong instructions: "three door acceleration jiadehao!" Zhang Bing, Dong Guibo and other city leaders have repeatedly made instructions on the work of the sea, Wenling and other places to be sure. Promote the flipchart combat Construction — Taking the month and season to season, baonian, construction units 24 hours of application"相关的主题文章: