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Taizhou man before the second is losing a second incarnation as a "winner" to play poker, rubbing mahjong, some people love to spend time in a manner that if pressed some chips, drawing some wins, that small bet. However, a few days ago, Taizhou Huangyan Taomou and poker playing mahjong in small, win some money, but lost nearly a million. The second before losing players, the second incarnation of "gambling" happened in the last few days of the evening, Taomou came to his girlfriend to work shop, work time is early, with the shop to work Lee et al. Proposed and Taomou mahjong kill time. Because Taomou often walk in the store, and Lee also played landlords, fried golden flower, rub off mahjong, each small win, we also counted as friends of the brand. A few laps down, Taomou won the other three losing some money, Lee proposed to change the way of relaxation. Taomou think bad luck, and they continued to play golden fried. Unexpectedly, three people were losing ground, like a "winner", a few cards down, gradually turned the Taomou, will lose money. Taomou not willing to turn to Lee and others to borrow money, note the filling, the deeper, the last owed nearly a million gambling debt. Suspicious hidden poker, but it’s difficult to get the big mystery in the evening, when Lee and others will discard, and frequently filling, Taomou feel strange, secretly hide a card, carefully study the home, but we do not know what the doorway. After a few days, Tao more think more wrong, took a few friends on the store to find Li theory. Of course, Lee denied, the two sides, Taomou thought of the police. Fox’s tail end edition, a conspiracy to commit fraud after the police involved in the investigation, found that it belongs to the poker magic cards, cards face corner can vaguely see the number "1" corresponds to the card "A", "2 cards" corresponding to "2", and so on. With this pair of poker to win the golden fried, is as sure as a gun. In this regard, Lee explained that in September this year, he bought two pairs of magic cards in Luqiao, and will tell the trick to work together in a strict Yonghe a strict ray, and then want to partner up "pig", cheat money. Night mahjong after Lee proposed golden fried, and come up with when the cards, a strict Lei has a strict Yong he understands, three people tacitly Taomou implementation fraud. Say "gambling ten lost nine gambling, in a thousand it would be more difficult to get a win. Police remind, gambling is illegal, not to overnight, now all kinds of fraud means not to mention that money emerge in an endless stream, indulge game gamblers, want to get rich, the most important work. Currently, Lee and other three people have been under criminal detention by the public security organs, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: