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"Task" no small role play the strongest team – acting performers gathered entertainment Sohu Sohu Zheng Yu entertainment news by cattle static screenwriter, actor famous film directed by Zheng Yu, and together with Zihan Chen, Yin Zhusheng, Wei Chunguang, Lv Zhong, April, Xin Du source of three generations of the strength of the actors were co starred in the TV series "impossible" Tomorrow (November 8th) will be landing Jiangsu TV prime time two night free. The main actor by the Beijing people’s Art Theatre, Shanghai dramatic arts center two top national theatre actor, brought together a bunch of stars in the drama, called the strongest acting team. Director Zheng Yu also said that the participating actors are very dedicated, offer wonderful performances: "we this batch of actors are a kind of" a dish spirit ‘, that is to say, there are no small parts, only small actors, a great actor, will take a small role played very well." The game "task" to play performers gathered with other television acting the strongest team, "mission impossible", the main role is in addition to participating in the professional Cobain drama college graduate, has a rich performing experience of the actors, they have a characteristic, that is the most was active in the drama stage. Zheng Yu, the actor who plays the leading role, is an actor in the Beijing people’s Art Theatre, which belongs to the director of the play. Over the years, starred in many classic TV drama at the same time, he also starred in "camel Xiangzi" and "orphan" and other famous operas. And Zheng Yu also from the Beijing people’s art, and his wife, played in the Xin month underground Communists dragon snow. Xin month over the years has been active in the drama stage, starred in "the storm", "Beijing", "Romeo and Juliet" and many other Chinese classical repertoire, is one of the most outstanding young actor of the Beijing people’s art. Yin Mu, who plays the role of Lu, is known as the old play bone, but also a famous contemporary Chinese performing artists. It is worth mentioning that in the theater in the cast, and the young actor Kim Han, the TV series debut for "mission impossible". Kim is Zheng Yu in the Beijing people’s art was in the younger generation, "Guan Hanqing", "glass", "zoo regretless youth" and other drama have a wonderful performance. The most commendable is that he had a knife in 2014 against the scoundrel, and thus wounded, their bravery eventually won the national courageous and exemplary honorary title. Out of respect for his chivalry, Zheng Yu specially invited him in, play an equally critical moment in the sense of justice, fearless of death for a just cause a full role in the play. Zheng Yu said: "he is an outstanding representative of young actors." In addition to Yin Zhusheng from Beijing people’s art theatre actor, and two from the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, the strength of the actors, are playing the Japanese military police captain Yin Zhusheng and Wei Chunguang Takahashi, played more than water the traitor. Yin Zhusheng is the national first level actor, he won the "white goddess" won the Shanghai Magnolia drama award actor, Chinese drama Golden Lion award actor revitalization prize, followed by virtue of drama "Shang Yang" in Shang Yang, "Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award" Award Best Actress Award, the highest honor award include almost all the drama, a drama the godfather.相关的主题文章: