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Security Now that you have installed your security system in your home you need to know how to test it to be sure the different .ponents are operating as they should. Among these .ponents, of course, will be your burglar alarm battery, sensors and control panel. We are going to give you some general guidelines to follow to make sure you get your security system testing done right. Also not this is so important to your well-being that we suggest you test at least once a month. First, before you actually test the system, you should read through the manual that .es with it very carefully. By doing this you will actually help to prevent yourself from setting the alarm off accidentally. This is even more important if you have a monitored system. Also you should inform the monitoring center that you are testing the system. Looking in your documents, you should an index or guidelines section that will give you the step by step of what to do to test the alarm system with the burglar alarm battery, the control panel and all the sensors. Read this through several times so there is no question about the steps to take. Perhaps the most important backup while testing is to have the codes quickly to hand in order to disarm the system should anything go wrong. Just don’t leave them near the control panel after the testing. Even better would be to have someone else with you on the day you test who has memorized the codes and who can be there to support you. Next be sure to alert everyone in the house that you are about to begin testing the burglar alarm system. Be sure to make sure all doors and windows are closed for the test to work properly. Now you can begin your test. At this point it’s finally time to start the testing of your security system. Use the special code for this that is found in your owner’s manual to key the testing to begin. After the test is over, the system should have highlighted any errors that came up. If this system is monitored, your monitoring center may also have a record of the errors. During this test you will learn about any problems with any of the .ponents including the burglar alarm battery, control panel, and sensors. If there are problems, you will need to take the proper steps including changing out parts like the burglar alarm battery. Check your manual for just what to do. But keep in mind that you should change out the battery on a schedule as given in your manual. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: