The 5 see dizziness vomit theater will be pai Ying 2D – Beijing

"The 5" see dizziness vomit theater will be pai Ying 2D – Beijing, after 9 years, Matt finally return to Damon? "The Bourne 5", released on August 23rd, "Chinese special 3D" version was friends crazy tucao. Familiar with the "Bourne" fans know, the series with the film with handheld photography and a large number of features, quick editing techniques for tension in the audience personally on the scene. However, in the 2D turn into "Chinese for 3D", "see" the netizen speaks 5 "please prepare the vomit bag". However, things turn in the evening yesterday. The reporter learned from the Hangzhou theater, under pressure, "the 5" from 18 at the start of the film side yesterday, the opening of the 3D / 2D version key. Hangzhou has a few theaters from today, will continue to reflect the 2D version. See the "5" to prepare the vomit bag reporter found early in August 22nd to see films, "the 5" is not only a spy movies, or a challenge to the audience "physiological limit". All of the film with a hand-held camera, because hand shooting, the screen is easy to shake, the general art film director to use more, and like Paul, such as the use of large hand held by the director of the film is not much of the film, such as Green, such as the use of. But in the "solid" series before several, Paul? Green Glass to create a unique atmosphere on handheld shooting, pressing, creating a new agent style, and a great success. A film released version is generally 2D, because turn into 3D, the viewer’s dizzy feeling will be stronger, affect the viewing experience. But what is puzzling is that the "5" was made into a 3D. The reporter felt dizzy watching "the 5", and 3D, the screen is too dark, not only had not clear, even the subtitles are not clear. The "5" the It is as expected, in August 23rd officially released the "handheld plus 3D" halo of countless viewers. Users have Tucao this is a reminder spit large, ready to look at when vomiting bags. "5" is the halo version of "Chinese special" in Tucao viewing discomfort, and some netizens Bachu "solid 5" 3D "version is China special". "China for 3D", is only in the mainland is China projection conversion 3D version, in all other countries and regions are 2D version. The reason for this is because the mainland China as a large ticket warehouse, a huge audience base. While 3D’s profits are higher than 2D, many of the films are imported into the mainland of China, will be produced in other places does not exist in the 3D version. The "5" in the China mainland, in addition to the individual theater, most theaters are based on 3D or IMAX 3D version released. However, in North America, Europe and other releases, are 2D version, and before each of the series are also 2D. The reporter found in the cat’s movie "APP," to create Chinese for 3D "is not the word of friends, but in the film technology data clearly written on the" 5 "and" the Bourne Identity format: D-Cinema 2D, 3D (digital China special)". Not only is the "5" before the release, after Fang相关的主题文章: