The best in the world. The princess of Thailand, mixed fashion style quite unique! txplatform

The best in the world. The princess of Thailand, mixed fashion style quite unique! The princess or Princess of the European royal family, often referred to by the owner. But in contrast, Thailand Si Ruifan Nawarui (Sirivannavari Nariratana) princess, is full of drama. There is nothing less than the story of European royalty. In 2009 this year was named "Forbes" magazine, the world’s 20 most popular young royal girl paper. A good day of life but striking one snag after another, and also a very small talk for the public. Why not write the main fan of the Thailand royal family of the primary reason: the name is long and difficult to remember. Will take over the throne of Thailand, Prince Vajiralongkorn, had three marriages, but also a lot of children. However, the succession of the throne of the children there are three, of which there are two princess. Scarlett Ruifan Nawarui princess, third wife, help the West Lamy prince, Mahal · Prince Vajiralongkorn and princess Pacha Raj Te Ya Pa… The main fan finished dying, four elder brother and mother was in exile, why Siri can live fast? Princess Siri said before, the main fan necessary to about Siri’s father, Prince Vajiralongkorn Mahal ·. The prince had three marriage. The first marriage and his cousin – the song is wow beautiful princess, Prince mother, Queen Sirikit’s niece. The two married in 1977, married for 16 years, and had a princess. N, Charles on marital derailed. The wow beautiful princess is not agree to divorce, because they can not offend the royal family, Prince of defiance statue, 1993 song wow beautiful princess was forced to divorce. His second marriage was the marital derailed actress — more than EVA hilda. In the two days of cohabitation, they gave birth to four sons and a daughter. Although in 1994, after the blessing of the king, married. But more than 96 years, EVA Sheeta and five children were "forced" to britain. The royal family announced she has committed adultery crime. But the main fan feel interesting is, "mistress" Yu wa Hilda and four sons, are deprived of royal titles and privileges. But at the same time take away the little princess Siri, but was forced back from the British royal family in Thailand, Bangkok. The main fan saw rumors, because the Siri Princess Thailand Royal horoscopes numerology is very busy. Must put the princess back to Thailand, in order to stabilize the Royal "country boat". So the Thailand Princess Siri, not only can stay in the Royal family. Also there is no despise meaning. The prince’s third marriage is a commoner (later to be grilled is actually a slip women) west lami. He was supposed to be the West into the people’s princess, but in 2009, she and a prince, and a crowd at the pool party "naked dog" film flow to the internet. The prince’s image is more, it… Two married in 2001, divorced in 2014. Gave birth to a son to help prince. Now 11 years old to help the prince, is the real throne the first successor (but parents divorce, fan Lord is not clear whether there are variables…). I turn back to "adorable, numerology excellent" Siri… Two, good life princess.相关的主题文章: