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UnCategorized White water rafting can be an experience of a lifetime. Not only can navigating the rushing waters through the Grand Canyon be thrilling, but also the beauty and unparalleled scenic nature seen while traversing the water offers some of the best vacationing for the money that is available today. The months of May to October are generally considered rafting season on the Colorado River. Water run-off caused by the melting snow can make the waters extremely frigid in the beginning of spring while bringing more difficult rafting. The run-off or "powder season" is usually reserved and recommended for more experienced rafters while the peak season (June through August) is typically frequented by novice thrill seekers as the water is calmer and warmer. It is important to realize that rafting season in the Grand Canyon is not year round, so vacationers should plan according to the regular season times deemed by the local white river rapid guides and outfitters. Trips can usually last from three to seventeen days depending upon the specific guided tour the vacationer chooses. When choosing to hop onboard a Grand Canyon white water tour, it is always important to be properly prepared. While most equipment is provided by the outfitter, the thrill seeker should always be well stocked on sunscreen, water proof clothing, warm socks, water sandals/appropriate shoes and securable sunglasses. In addition, during those transitional months, it might not be a bad idea to bring along some warmer outer clothing in case of cooler evenings. Any additional equipment that the vacationer doesn’t wish to get wet should be left on the trail vehicle that will come and pick the rafters up at the end of the trip. There are ten classification levels of rapids in regards to Grand Canyon white water. Level One is the easiest, exhibiting slow moving waters, while Level Ten is the most difficult and only reserved for the most experienced people and racing teams. People who are having trouble deciding on what level of white water rafting difficulty would best suit them should always consult the tour company or guide. Tour guides are highly trained and experienced with regard to Grand Canyon Rafting. Many of them are nature buffs themselves and know exactly how to show the vacationers a great time during their trip. All guides are required to be trained in basic safety promotion, as well as common medical emergencies. Governing bodies also make sure that all white water rafting outfitters and guided tours are using safe and modern equipment. Regulatory agencies also ensure that employees of the guided tours undergo continuing education to make sure that they are armed with the latest safety as well as emergency preparedness information. Remember that these raft trips are also camp out experiences. While most tour guides provide fantastic food and adequate shelter, you are lacking many of the conveniences of home, so be sure to plan the length of your trip based on your comfort level with camping out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: