The end of the year award so that both can take thousands of dollars to save the company block zibba

This year-end bonus can take more than one thousand pieces and gave the company money fast the end of the year, a year of hard work the workers used by year-end bonus to look forward to finally come to the day of pocket for security. After the new personal income tax law is implemented, if the year-end bonus according to old ways, you will find: "Hey, how this year’s year-end bonus is less than last year?" Do not hold back the past office workers may find HR directly questioned why the year-end awards shrink. But now HR is also a face Meng force, because in accordance with the instructions of your year-end bonus did not shrink, but also more than the previous year dollars. What the hell is going on? Richwood Reed Xiaobian to you: the analysis routines are in the list: This is a suitable wage and salary income, personal income tax progressive tax rate table, according to table shows, between different tranches of tax rates vary greatly, the greater the amount of tax rate or more. It seems from the table, although the rate is heavy, but many people don’t know is actually based on a table conversion we can get a year-end bonus tax area: according to the table, we may wish to make an extreme assumption, only after the calculation of individual income tax deduction of wages. Employee A year-end bonus of 18000 yuan, the staff B year-end bonus of $18001. The difference between the total amount of two dollars a piece of money, but the amount of money to see the fool to eat melon masses. According to the formula: the amount of wages tax x tax rate – quick deduction rate = get wages according to the formula, then the A should be the actual pay tax: 18000×3%=540 yuan. Hand year-end bonus: 18000-540=17460 yuan. Look at B, the actual tax should be paid: 18001×10%-105=1695.1 yuan. Hand year-end bonus: 18001-1695.1=16305.9 yuan. The amazing thing happened! B more than 1 yuan year-end awards, but instead of less than $1640.1 hand! The reason lies in the amount of B beyond the limit of first tranches of tax havens, direct tax rate rose to 10%, the number of income rose to 105 yuan. Xiao Bian again for example, there is a C that the workers, year-end bonus payment amount is 19283.33 yuan, then the tax rate must be calculated at 10%, according to the formula, we can get home pay: 192883.33- (192883.33×10%-105) =17460 yuan. Did not see clearly? Although the B issued more, but the results obtained with the staff A is the same as 10 fen! That is to say, between 18000-19283.33 yuan, the hand of the year-end awards but less than 17460 yuan, so the result is not as good as the HR directly to you issued $18000, the company is not only to save money, the amount of your hand is the same. This is what we call tax havens. According to the initial calculation, so there are several tax avoidance area, summed up below is probably the following: the end of the year award in the "18001-19400", please send directly on the 18000! Enterprises, employees are to save money; year-end awards in the "54001-60800" between, please send 54000 on the good! Businesses and employees save money; year-end bonus is "108001-115200"相关的主题文章: