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The Law of Attraction Written by: Kathy Foster, D.Div. Why It is Important (Part 1 of 4) Spiritual counselor and spiritual teacher, Kathy Foster, D.Div. invites you to participate in this 4 part series on The Law of Attraction. This is a mind-body therapy, is empowering in nature, is a healing modality, and is nurturing. Most of you are familiar with the term the Law of Attraction. This series is intended to bring you a more in-depth view of how to go about understanding the nature of this alternative healing modality which will aid you in your own personal transformation process. The foremost message to be delivered in this series is to inform you that you are always attracting into your life your own circumstances. This may be a hard concept for many of you to accept. However, it is essential for you to have this knowledge so that you can be a deliberate creator of your life, rather than living life by default. First, it is imperative for you to understand that your thoughts and emotions are the key factors in the creating process. What you think and feel is what you get. In other words, you are in charge of your own destiny, and this is good news. Secondly, the term, thinking positive or to think positively, is an outdated term. Because, if just thinking positive thoughts were really the way to create a great life, then it would have happened by now. Right? Many people do not understand that underneath the positive thinking process there are emotions involved. These emotions are sending out messages to the Universe about what ones true and underlying belief system entails. It is these emotions which are the attractors for your life circumstances and situations. So, if one were to combine the emotions with the thought process, then that is when automatic and powerful lifestyle changes occur. As I have stated in other articles, your inner being, your Divine nature, your own intuitive advisor, your own spiritual coach, or your Beingness, is the way to connect to your inner power system. We all have an inner guidance system and it is vital that you learn to connect with your inner source and to live your life from that perspective. If you do so, then you can become the creator of your life and be in control of what you choose to happen therein. Stress release, pain release, physical healing, emotional healing, and enlightenment are available to all of us. There is not one person who is exempt from having a choice about receiving all the good things in life. At this point you may be saying to yourself that the above statement cannot possibly be true because your own life and the life of the general populace would prove otherwise. However, it is this authors belief that our life circumstances are choices each individual makes, consciously or unconsciously, in order to have the experience(s). And, furthermore, when one becomes awakened to the fact that to connect with their spiritual self is the answer to all the questions they have ever asked themselves or others, then that is when a true personal transformation can and will take place. Therefore, may the God that dwells within you and the Divinity that connects you to the Universe bring forth all your hearts desires. Sending you the best of thoughts for a peaceful and joyous existence. ~Namaste~ For more information about the Law of Attraction and learning to become connected to your Inner Essence, please contact Kathy through her website: About the Author: Kathy Foster, D.Div., is the founder and owner of Reference Point Healing. She has a Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Her official title is Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling. Please visit her website for more information: Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Stress-Management 相关的主题文章: