The Mekong River action powu billion box office audience hope Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng fit agai mp7a1

"The Mekong River action" powu billion box office audience hope Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng   "fit again" – Zhejiang Channel – original title: "the Mekong River action" at the box office breaking five hundred million by Huang Jianxin, producer Liang Fengying, Dante Lam directed, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Feng Wenjuan, Wu Xu and other stars of the East police action film "Mekong River action" one way to counter attack at the box office, and won the single day box office attendance champion. October 7th, the film box office reached 548 million yuan, breaking the $500 million mark. The movie "the Mekong River action" since its release will get the support of netizens, the box office exceeded 500 million way to counter attack, on the first day of the 40 million National Day day 60 million, 66 million, fourth, third, released in 72 million 500 thousand, fifth, 76 million 500 thousand, 10? 5 Golden Triangle Chinese crew "anniversary movie box office 85 million, 4 consecutive days won the championship attendance and the single day box office. The audience said, "Mekong River action" regardless of the plot, the scene, the investment is the pattern of high-quality blockbusters". The movie "the Mekong River action" to the director Dante Lam unique stunt play, compact plot rhythm and fast clip let netizens yibaoyanfu, starring Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng in the film’s best performances also won the recognition of the fans. The audience said, looking forward to the director Lin Chaoxian can provide another ending for the film, "urged the high team and small body battles." Eddie Peng plays the film undercover at the last party Xinwu whether sacrifice, recently become the focus of a big suspense and hot, from the collision explosion scene, the party seems to be at the expense of Xinwu, but there are also many netizens believe that the movie at the expense of the dog made a monument, but did not appear in the Fang Xinwu monument, and Zhang Hanyu just as high remarks suggesting another possibility, Fang Xinwu still lurks as an intelligence officer in Golden Triangle. Zhang Hanyu finally said, "Fang Xinwu has not changed. I can feel his pain when he goes to prison, and you can rest assured that Fang Xinwu may not be dead, but still worth trusting. In this regard, the two roles played by Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng also interact in micro-blog, and wrote: "brother, are you still there on the potential of the right, right?" "" "" "" "", "said Zhang Hanyu This is a secret we can’t open! You know!" A few days ago, Zhang Hanyu also updated micro-blog air to Eddie Peng shouted: "brother, titanium legs, hands, I have ordered completed for the younger brother, super intelligent! Unique! Will be sent to you from germany." Eddie Peng responded: "good high team! Waiting for the receipt of goods. By the way, are there any colors to choose from?"相关的主题文章: