The movie deep water catastrophe two Berg again

The movie "deep water" catastrophe: two "Berg" again Sina entertainment news 2016 blockbuster "deep" high disaster catastrophe is coming in November 15th and released in the country, the annual "dark horse" by Teddy starred in "the bear", "Transformers 4" and other large famous Hollywood actor Mark starring Wahlberg, by the famous · Director Peter · directed by Berg, this is not Mark · and Peter · Wahlberg; Berg’s first collaboration, two people worked "the lone survivor", was a great success. The two people to work together to be able to wipe out how intense spark, let us wait and see. "Berg" scored two and eventually became the "best partner" "deep" catastrophe is not Mark and Peter’s first collaboration, prior to this, two people had a very successful cooperation. "The lone survivor" by Peter · Mark · Wahlberg Berg directed, starred actor, the theme of the movie is Peter’s best subject of war and disaster, directed by his superb ability and talent to ensure the quality of the film, and Ma Keceng starred in the "Tactic bear" comedies, and war the subject is not familiar with him in the film completely changed the self image, make the film shine. Director Mark Peter’s talent and excellent acting complement each other, not only the achievements of this great war movie, and that Mark has completely changed the image, not only can play "Teddy bear" in "hapless", also can interpret "the lone survivor" in the American soldier, become a versatile actor. So this time as the "deep" havoc in acting play is not surprising. "The Losangeles times" Justin · Zhang to the interpretation of praise: "this movie is not only a heavy tribute to the victims, but also to the survivors of the startling record, Mark · Wahlberg shows civilian heroism like a sword, piercing the human catastrophe and lifeline." Peter · Berg deep skill "Relaxation" and "gold partner" reproduction shaking hard "deep" is again catastrophe cooperation and Peter Mark, the film director Peter continues the consistent style, tells the story of a major disaster based on the true story, such as the grand theme is difficult to control but the director deep skill to overcome this problem, "globe and mail" Bailey · Hertz commented: "director Berg will doom conceived in a tense atmosphere extremely, paving the way for emotional calm and cautious, and perfect present subtle thrilling atmosphere." Peter and Mark had a successful cooperation not only reduces the difficulty of the film, but also to bring their own confidence. In this film, Mark is not only a hero, at the same time, he is also responsible for the role of the film producer, this role allows him to be more involved in the preparation and production of the film. Mark and Peter called the "golden combination", the "perfect their famous" difficult to reproduce, is extremely looking forward to. 20.相关的主题文章: