The people of Fuzhou scheduled Benz million stock intention dealers did not

The people of Fuzhou scheduled Benz million stock intention car but not back the news network October 30th (Haidu reporter Zhao Yang) saw a white car out, I don’t want to buy, can be million yuan intent but not refund. Ms. Yang, a Fuzhou citizen, complained 95060 of the hotline yesterday. In this regard, Mei Feng Lu Fuzhou star said the person in charge of the signature of the abroad, so the time delay, not deliberately. Ms. Yang told reporters that he was trying to buy a car, on October 3rd, the Fuzhou star Mei Feng Lu saw a white Mercedes B180 car. She asked for more discount. The other party put forward, first to pay ten thousand yuan intention gold, just to apply for price to the leadership. In order to express sincerity, Ms. Yang immediately handed over the intention money. After a few days, the staff told Ms. Yang, this white Mercedes Benz B180, because others bid higher, has been bought, now only the red car. Ms. Yang said she didn’t like red, and offered to return it. The other party agreed, but so many days passed, but the refund was delayed. Ms. Yang asked repeatedly, the staff were dragged for various reasons. Ms. Yang huff, yesterday to call 12315 complaints, Fuzhou City Bureau has been involved in the market. Reporter yesterday contacted Mei Feng Lu Fuzhou star in charge of Mr. Zhang, he said, indeed promised Ms. Yang will refund the intention, but according to the procedure, the signature of the person in charge to the company. And the person in charge of the trip to Germany did not return, so it is delayed, not deliberately make things difficult. (Strait network) >

福州市民预定奔驰车缺货 万元意向金车行却不退海峡网10月30日讯(海都记者 赵杨)看中的白色小车没货了,自己不想买了,可万元意向金却迟迟不见退款。福州市民杨女士在昨日拨打热线95060投诉。对此,梅峰路福州之星表示,负责签字的负责人出国了,所以拖延了时间,并非故意刁难。杨女士告诉记者,自己前一阵想买车,10月3日那天,在梅峰路福州之星看上了一辆白色的奔驰B180展车。她要求对方再优惠些。对方提出,要先交万元意向金,才好向领导申请价格。为表诚意,杨女士当即刷卡交了意向金。过了几天,工作人员告诉杨女士,这款白色奔驰B180,因别人出价更高,已被购走,目前只有红色的车。杨女士表示自己不喜欢红色,提出要回意向金。对方也同意了,可这么多天过去了,却迟迟不见退款。杨女士再三询问,工作人员都以各种理由拖着。杨女士一怒之下,昨天拨打了12315投诉,福州市市场局已介入。记者昨日联系了梅峰路福州之星的主管张先生,他表示,的确答应了杨女士会退还意向金,只不过根据流程,需公司的负责人签字。而负责人到德国出差未归,所以才拖延了,并非故意刁难。(海峡网)>相关的主题文章: