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The perfect bloom light and the role of two for the first time one hour opening sold out for September 25th, in many customers waiting in the long, sunny and effect (real estate information owners forum) two first opened, attracted hundreds of groups of customers purchase to the sales center, the opening of only 44 sets of listings, sold out within an hour, the a high degree of concern and sales unpopular situation, the property market is very rare in the empire! The opening day, although it is a cloudy day, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of buyers, more than 7 in the morning the sales offices have been surging crowds, some customers in the early hours of the day to the scene waiting for customers to project a high degree of concern, chase of heat, it is difficult to imagine. In the sales center, to the guests carefully prepared fruit, tea and boutique MINI plants DIY. The sales site is unusually hot, the customer in order to enter the election room area, the property consultant, explain the enthusiasm, the election room set, payment, receive gifts, the whole process of order. Buy a house with customers in high spirit, pleasure in the bank staff consultation loud loan procedures, not buy real customers, anxious to stay in the sales offices, reluctant to leave, kept asking the staff when the introduction of new housing, and repeatedly said that even if the price is acceptable as long as reasonable, can buy the real line! The reception center responsible person said that the project is so concerned hot market and customer holding, mainly three factors: first, the adjacent rings, close to the subway, location; two, the Yongding River and surrounded by acres of park projects around, beautiful natural environment, very suitable for living; three, product quality, quality villa villa, low density community, all bright apartment layout, meters from the floor. In recent years, customers purchase more and more rational, to their own demands very clear, the real estate location, traffic, education facilities, the surrounding environment and product quality considerations and more comprehensively, and the light and the role of comprehensive cost-effective, just meet the needs of customers, home market sensitive sense of smell customers create project unpopular sales scene! Light and the role of the comprehensive cost of the project and the future of a huge appreciation of the space will be subject to the vast majority of home buyers extreme concern, extreme recognition, extreme hot! The project is expected to add new listings in October, please look forward to the majority of customers and concerns! Details Tel: 400-819-1111 to 610413相关的主题文章: