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Food-and-Drink Whilst I’d personally count myself as a fan of the Francis Francis X6 Espresso Machine, I have to admit that it is not perfect in every aspect. Its cons need to be considered in alongside its pros if you’re thinking of buying one. In this review I’ll go over a few of the things one should know if they’re thinking about buying the Francis Francis X6 Trio for themselves. First and foremost you need to understand that the Francis Francis X6 Trio espresso machine is not for the casual coffee drinker. If you’re satisfied with a simple cup of joe from a $20 coffee maker, then this particular machine probably isn’t for you. You’re probably going to pay upwards of $400 for it, and while that is well worth it to a bonafide coffee connoisseur, the casual coffee drinker will probably wince at the price. Now if you’re still with me, let’s get on to the good stuff. The machine looks fantastic. And truth be told, its good looks are one of the main reasons that I bought it. If your house or apartment has a bit if an art deco feel to it, then this little baby is going to blend in beautifully. Not only does it look the business but it can also create an amazing cup of espresso, too. The machine uses pods, which costs a bit more than loose espresso, but it does actually make the creation of the perfect cup a bit easier and less messy. In the end, you’re creating a perfect cup of espresso for around $1 a shot, which I think is fine when you compare it what you’d be paying at a coffee house. Maneuvering the wand while you’re making your espresso will take some getting used to since the placement of it on the machine isn’t the best, but with a little practice you should be able to get the process perfected. The machine can also leak a little, although by "leaks" I mean a few drops of condensation that drip down around or through the extraction element. If you’re not paying full attention this condensation can drip into the espresso itself and end up affecting the shot – not ideal when you’re striving for coffee nirvana. But overall I have to say that anyone who wants a high-quality espresso machine for less than a $1,000 can’t go wrong with the Francis Francis X6 Trio espresso machine. For what it offers and for the quality of the espresso it creates, it’s actually a quite affordable machine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: