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The same handicap: Sweden lost Greek don’t let the ball half ball half plate of different teams have different ability to get the ball. Different bets represent different strength gap. So, what the team in which bets, benefited in every way? What are the giants, in which bets, frequently slip up? The same historical position, to the Macao "as the standard, from the previous team bets performance, with practical reference for you. (Win: W; D; transport disc: disc: L) dynamic Macao handicap European odds Sina instant lottery channel start time against the history of the history of chupan aocai odds odds 02:45 on the 08 day (Saturday) 01 in   VS  Bulgaria two ball two ball half – LWL 02:45 on the 08 day (Saturday) 02 Luxemburg   VS  Sweden LLL LLL 08 ball half day 02:45 (Saturday) 03 Holland   VS  White Russian W– 08 ball half ball WLL 02:45 (Saturday) 04 Hungarian   VS  Switzerland WLW LWL 08 02:45 by Pingban (Saturday) 05 Belgium & nbsp; VS  wave; black ball ball half LLW WLL 02:45 on the 08 day (Saturday) 06 Greek   VS  in Cyprus a ball ball half LLL WWW 00:00 on the 09 day (Sunday) 07 Azerbaijan   VS  Norway WLL LLL 09 00:00 on the affected hemisphere (Sunday), 08 Asian American   VS  Rome, by a LLL; LWL 09 00:00 hemisphere (Sunday) 09 Black Mountain   VS  WLW LLW; Kazakhstan hemisphere a ball on the 09 day (Sunday) 10 00:00 England   VS  Malta – 09 02:45 (Sunday) 11 German   VS  Czech DLL WLL 09 ball half ball (02:45 Sunday) 12 Poland   VS  WLW LWL 09, Denmark hemisphere 02:45 (Sunday) 13 Scotland   VS  Lithuania DDW WLW 09 02:45 ball (Sunday) 14 Slovenia   VS  LWL WLL; Slovak Pingban相关的主题文章: