This weather to laundry on Tuesday hit a new round of rain tsumori chisato

This weather to laundry on Tuesday a new round of rain hit Express News (reporter Xu Cen) today, the "frost" autumn is the last solar term means cold weather, dew, frost. Although the recent Jiangsu can not see frost, but the temperature gradually decreased, the highest temperature back to 20 degrees. The rain will always love to the end of the month, but today the rain gradually smaller to stop, you can go out. Wash the sun should also pay close attention, it will rain again on Tuesday! Although the typhoon yesterday, the intensity of the hippocampus has been weakened, but it is a large number of circulation around the rain, combined with the cold air, the impact of wind and rain still brought to Jiangsu. Today the weather is better, don’t expect the good Sunday After rain the sky looks blue., an invigorating autumn climate is not urgent, but the wind rain, want to go out is not so much trouble. After the National Day holiday, rainy days will be endless. After this Boyu finish, can end? Meteorological station said, not finished! Tomorrow night may have showers cloudy daytime harassment, overall, moderately fine. However, starting Tuesday, a new round of precipitation will open till the end of the month before will be intermittent underground. Want to clear up to November. Today, the "frost", the temperature has decreased significantly. The maximum temperature is reduced to 20 DEG C, and will fall to less than 20 degrees in the next few days. Low temperature is more obvious, this morning, Huaibei area is only 13 to 14 degrees, the day after tomorrow will be reduced to 11 to 12 degrees C. Nanjing three days the weather today sometimes overcast with light rain and stopped overcast to cloudy, the northeast wind 5 gust 6 to 7, 17 to 20 degrees centigrade tomorrow cloudy to overcast night, local rain, 14 ~ 21 degrees tomorrow cloudy, overcast with showers at night, 15 to 20 DEG C相关的主题文章: