When you’re old, it’s a pain in your life lightscape

"When you are old cited resonance and not to have children are worried Beijing – in the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Gong Weifeng last year, starring Huang Lei Song Jia, the TV drama" Hey, old man "," on the impact of dementia on a family, focused on "when you are old" the social issues. Caused a lot of viewers. The drama director Yazhou Yang shoot "Hey Strike while the iron is hot., then" series of second TV series "Hey, kid", this drama has been in Zhejiang on Monday evening prime time broadcast tv. "Hey, kids" by Jiang Wenli, Guo Xiaodong, Li Xiaoran, Liu Tianzuo, Han Qing, Qi Xi starring, tells the story of a traditional family, a series of stories of three small families around the "children" problem. Interestingly, some time ago, netizens will broadcast attention "raising children" topic of the "separation" to show a comparison: "Hey," child "is" small "before parting!" A like "farewell" episode two months before the end of the "separation" of so many forty years old of parents resonate — how to educate children, how to deal with all kinds of trouble of adolescent children, should send their children abroad…… These thorny issues unfold in the play. The "Hey," let the children aged thirty and under suitable pregnant young mind, this drama by portraying Fang Jiasan siblings attitude on the matter of children ", to reflect the various fertility problems encountered by people. "Hey," and "little child separation" narrative structure similar to that of around three family narration, similar topic, around the "children", three families appeared all kinds of contradictions and struggles, was friends known as the "small" separation "prequel". "Not born": Fang Yun (Jiang Wenli ornaments) and Qin Shuanzhu (decorated with ornaments) is a pair of parents who lost their independence, they can not get out of the accident to lose the children of the haze, living in an asexual marriage (). We have a tendency to rhyme found himself ovarian failure, then put forward by the oviparous child to Qin Shuanzhu, the traditional thought of Qin Shuanzhu cannot accept, want to divorce her. "He Shisheng": Jia Yuanyuan (Li Xiaoran ornaments) and music (Liu Tianzuo decoration) is a typical 80 couple, the woman is a domineering side leakage radio headed female anchor, the man is funny, happy fitness coach. Two people in the birth of children and fight career on the contradiction. Do not want to live: Shang Beijing (Han Qing ornaments) and direction (Qi Xi decoration) is a pair of young and old, two people are not ready to have children, but the parties have spawned". The topic is not just "having children", "Hey, kids," not only is the question of "having children", but also a lot of family problems. "The child is the core of a family, many family problems are around children. The story of the child is actually the core of the story of life drama, we take such a topic to make a city emotional drama, it is the emotional aspects of the city are included." Director Yazhou Yang said in an interview. Among three children "children", as his father Khalil Fong (Bai Zhidi ornaments) thorn of the heart. The loss of his wife, children in the side, not whether the grandson of the elderly with dignity? The father kept a cock, he likes to run around looking for a hen to play, old.相关的主题文章: