Why do we have to chase other people’s love right or wrong zhongguorentiyishu

Why do we have to chase other people’s love right or wrong? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: those things we don’t fall in love, everyone wants to have their own life, everyone wants to have their own love, there are not so much in his speech in love, when love is being judged reveal to the public. As the world no two identical leaves, there will be two of the same person, not all have the same idea, in this world, will not have the same love, after his own how a love maybe only you know, even if it had not considered successful, the final the outcome will be regrettable, even by people sigh and sigh. But don’t forget, we’re drunk or sink in it is not clear that the love we love or not love, from the moment, seemed to have penetrated everything — the world of love, it is because most of love with your way of thinking being, but few are willing to stand in the other. The issue of perspective. We seem to experience because of his love, understand all the love of truth, occasionally heard a love story will decide who is right and who is wrong, inappropriate, or even to do a comparison with their love, but often overlooked one thing: if you have once in a period of love also, suddenly didn’t want to take anything clear understand — just want to love or not love. Of course, the basic social morality benign govern our life behavior, is good, but forced to join or tied up criticized becomes a kind of hurt, not a respect, at least we should respect everyone’s right to love or not love, right, we don’t know about a respect love. It’s like myself fall in love with a person, whether to accept it or not, we can finally decide or your heart; it is our own will encounter things for me is a beautiful love, but in the eyes of beholder occasionally have a few words with prejudice of discourse, so you will be very disgusted. Love itself is beautiful, but it can never escape from life and independent existence, so I love you seems to become the world’s most difficult problem, but it is very simple, because we have love in our hearts, it become the people always tell the untold story. Although the story will have a different process, thousands of ending, but itself is beautiful, since all is for the sake of this simple desire, have experienced a profound inner experience, have persistence or random thoughts, have love or let go of choice, are walking in a way we explore. Why chasing others love not to put on the wrong? (pictures from the canopy net) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: