Why I Prefer To Learn From Online Jewelry Making Craft Video And Pdf Tutorials Than Attending Jewe-queer as folk

Jewelry-Diamonds Why I prefer to learn from online jewelry making / craft video and PDF tutorials than attending jewelry making classes or reading the physical books? As with many other craft and jewelry making hobbyists, I explored many avenues to learn jewelry making techniques. I found that every avenue has it pros and cons. As I am getting serious into jewelry making, I have concluded that learning through digital media such as video or PDF file is much beneficial to me. Let me share with you my view below: 1.Jewelry making classes/ workshop Good for beginners. It allows you to gain basic knowledge about jewelry making. Once you have the basic knowledge, it is rather easy for you to follow guides written on the books. The setback about classes is when you learn a new jewelry pattern in a class, you probably would have forgotten the previous pattern. Yeah, the company of other students might be very enjoyable, you will need a lot of hard work to do revision on your own if you are taking jewelry making more seriously. It is not bad an avenue if you have the money and prefer the fun of group learning! 2.Jewelry Making Books Frankly speaking, I started with my jewelry making journey by learning through jewelry making books. However, I find that most books are difficult to follow especially for a beginner. I guess it is due to the expensive printing cost, the steps and explanation are not detailed enough. Most beading books are written in diagram format, it took me a while to understand those diagrams. 3.Online lessons and tutorials Most online media deliver their contents in PDF or video format. I got most of my knowledge through this media. I am amazed by the number of free jewelry making guides in the virtual world. I shared such free resources through my blog at www.handmade-jewelry-club.com and www.diylessons.org that I found from the internet. As I got more serious into jewelry making, I started to learn by purchasing more advance jewelry making tutorials from the fellow artists out there too. Most of the tutorials come in detailed step by step guides and pictures. I can always revisit certain steps by either play back the video or go back to the respective page of the PDF file. More importantly, the online tutorials are low cost and very economical as well. As I progress into my career of sharing and teaching jewelry making, I have decided to do it electronically through my websites www.diylessons.org and www.handmade-jewelry-club.com. If you are like me who are serious about jewelry making, I recommend that you give the online lessons a shot. In fact, www.diylessons.org is a marketplace that allows individual artists or teachers to publish their craft and jewelry making lessons. So you get variety of choice to choose from. I urge you to take a look and see if you like it! About the Author: Jane is the Chief Editor For http://www.Handmade-Jewelry-Club.com and http://www.DIYLessons.org Through the two websites, she gathers jewelry making tutorials and lessons around the world and share them with DIY enthusiasts. On top of her own publishing, she also works with individual artists to convert their designs into step by step ebooks. Craft and jewelry making publishers are encouraged to list their online lessons at http://www.diylessons.org. Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Jewelry-Diamonds 相关的主题文章: