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Winter tonic Chinese medicine experts 3 to know the correct formula in November 7th after the beginning of winter winter, there have been "Lidong fill winter" custom. The proverb "winter tonic, mountain tiger, but it is not a" blind patch". How to tonic? Chinese medicine experts gave a few words: eat less salty, tonic formula more hardship, peace to the tonic! Starting from the beginning of winter, the cold weather season officially boarded the stage. Chinese medicine believes that this can be tonic, but the diet should be less salty and bitter". Henan Province People’s Hospital, deputy director of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine and medical doctor, Dr. Wang Xuemei explained that this is because according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, winter for kidney exuberant, and kidney salty, bitter heart. From the theory of five elements, Xian Sheng bitter, kidney water, fire. If the winter eat much salty, it was partial Kang Kang kidney water more, thus weakened the power of heart Yang, so we should eat some bitter foods, to help the heart Yang, so it can resist excessive renal water. "In fact, we now pay attention to the diet of ‘less salty’, too salty, but in this season to eat bitter food is also good." Wang Xuemei recommends celery, lettuce, bitter gourd, lettuce and other vegetables, except in accordance with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, can Yangxin, including amino acids, vitamins, trace elements of these alkaloids, bitter foods, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, refreshing, eliminate fatigue and other effects. Speaking of "heart", in addition to diet more hardship, Wang Xuemei suggests everybody from the emotional health up regulation of Yangxin, because Yangxin in mind. The Chinese often say, "not drug Sibu, Sibu as God", but how can we do God up? Wang Xuemei said, although we are not like the ancients as "go to bed early evening", but also in this season by reading books or the nature of the Lian Lianyu gamma, Tai Chi, standing the Oriental asceticism. A young, middle-aged and elderly heavy, heavy winter into the "fill" to It differs from man to man. Wang Xuemei mentioned, people don’t have the body of men and women, old and young (physical), have the actual situation was not identified, TCM principles should be: a young, middle-aged and elderly heavy, heavy. That is to say, young Yang Masamori, in fact, can not fill, or small; and middle-aged people make corresponding nursing according to recent physical condition, such as the recent very tired, the body loss is too large to mend; now the elderly often suffer from various chronic diseases, should attach importance to the protection of. For example, the beginning of winter season, temperature changes, hypertension and coronary heart disease should pay attention to keep warm, regular medication, reduce sweating and other physical activity; cervical spondylosis, suffering from lumbar disease patients should pay attention to local warmth, do some gentle exercise, such as Tai Chi, eight section brocade exercise regimen, these are reflected the "old shigeyasu" concept. Wang Xuemei further described the tonic to find the dialectic of Chinese medicine practitioners, can not clean up, warming and nourishing, small fill, no order of priority together, so not only can not achieve the purpose of tonic, or even lose, unnecessary harm to the body. In fact, in clinic, each person’s situation is different, some people in the Qing Dynasty as supplement, some people pass up, some people with dampness to fill, is not only Nourishing Qi, nourishing yin and Yangcai is up, or according to the specific age..相关的主题文章: