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The city of Xiamen 90% trees 35 years maintenance injury to recover the 90% trees damage, need 35 years to recover the maintenance of typhoon resow after the cropping, we love the green garden city, is now a mess. The damaged trees 600 thousand, heartache and regret are not enough to express our feelings. Warm heart that all parties to restore their homes to rush to the rescue, once the greenery of unremitting efforts…… After the morning news reporter Chen Lu correspondent Xue Rong "Meranti", the green garden city of Xiamen, was torn. Those with us through the summer, decorate the city tree, when can we go out hit, reproduce prosperous? Xiamen half trees were blown down according to preliminary statistics, Xiamen Municipal Gardens Bureau, as of yesterday, the Xiamen area because of the typhoon "Meranti" lodging trees, there are 600 thousand strains, including 400 thousand strains of more serious damage — that is to say, we have a full of green city, about half of the trees were the typhoon blew down. According to the diagnostic, only 10% of the trees in the typhoon is not damaged, the remaining 90% of the trees have suffered different degrees of damage. It is understood that the injured trees mainly fold laceration, the more serious situation is being broken down the middle trunk. Some serious damage to the trees, could no longer as a landscape tree to come back to us; and the other injured trees, to restore the original appearance to a wild profusion of vegetation, after three to five years of maintenance. This means that in the next few years, we may be very difficult to see the beautiful scene on the way areca Phoenix wood blossoms, Xiahe road in the wood for the fire…… 1999 typhoon 14, Xiamen has also left a heavy hit. At that time, just clean up the branches and leaves of the trees fell, spent more than a month’s time. The damage caused by the typhoon to Xiamen landscape is the most serious one in the history of Xiamen since the founding of new china. However, in order to let the public life and production can be quickly restored, the provincial and municipal authorities dispatched tens of thousands of people, round the clock clearing roadblocks, during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday will be damaged leaves Xiamen on the main road cleared, and restore the traffic and infrastructure supporting the use of facilities. The day before yesterday at noon, the downtown main traffic order has been restored. "Up the trees on the first cropping up, can not help the trees first cut on the side of the road, and uniform removal." Deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Gardens Bureau Wang Weijun introduction, the province also deployed more than 700 professional and technical personnel to the Xiamen garden to participate in the rescue work; in addition, more than 3000 officers and men of the six forces, also in line cleaning. Debris recycling waste trees will replant cleared down large amounts of trunks, branches and leaves will be transported to where? The reporter learned that, due to the number of too much, the waste branches will be stored temporarily abandoned leaves on the island, Lake Airport, Huang CuO party three government reserve land; to be cleaned after the end of the work, then shipment leaves crushed crushing plant. The sturdy branches were crushed into pieces like sawdust, used to cover the bare ground, reduce dust; and leaves and branches after crushing, will be shipped in the field with Xike retting, made of organic fertilizer reuse. There are some trees, will be in this big wreck;相关的主题文章: