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Yangzhou parking lot deposit fees trick   private roadside fees: people.com.cn Jiangsu window — people.com.cn original title: here received more than 1 hours over roadside private toll exposure! Some parking lot deposit fees trick Jiangjiang Yanfu road parking lot drawing Shen charges more time 1 hours, 1912 blocks roadside "toll" unauthorized charges…… National Day, Guangling District Administration for a week to try a park, Dongguan Street, He Yuan, Wu Daotai etc. more than and 20 palace scenic downtown parking lot, parking lot and issued a typical case of illegal charges. Come and have a look, these parking fees trap you encountered? Location: Yanfu road parking lot [] publicity card was changed every day more than 1 hours charge "during the National Day travel, travel peak, in order to maintain the scenic parking lot parking lot charging order, regulate scenic spot price behavior, we carried out the special inspection." Yesterday, Guangling District Price Bureau Inspection Bureau Director Chen Hua introduced, in a thorough investigation, I found the city road parking lot berth overall standard, but there are still some parking lot fees trick"! "In Yanfu road parking lot, namely the National Road and Yanfu at the crossroads of the road parking lot, it charges publicity card not in accordance with the requirements of indicating the price management, there is no marked government pricing or market price." Law enforcement officers followed by careful examination, it was found that the parking lot of private automatic hands and feet, to extend the charging time. It is understood that the Yanfu road parking lot, the price department approved fee for 7:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night, and the parking lot privately changed at 6:30 in the morning to 9:30 at night, "the equivalent of 1 hours per day more charges!" It is understood that this is not the time to change the car parking charges, the behavior of the charges is still the first time found in the city, at present, the price department has ordered the rectification of the parking lot. Location: Orient Guest House [] parking lot parking toll not less than 15 minutes refund recently, Mr Li will be a private car parked in the Orient Guest House at the entrance of the parking lot, then come to the toll charges, Mr. Lee said that he is to act, "If today the service window to do, certainly more than 15 parking time minutes, pay should be; if the service window does not work today, I ask you out, then in 15 minutes of free time." In this regard, the toll officer said, you put the money to pay, as long as you 15 minutes out, I’ll give you the money back." Mr. Li will first pay parking fees, "unexpectedly did not succeed, I see the toll, not even the shadow of a human figure, say the refund also fell through." "In accordance with the provisions of the city, as long as the regular parking lot downtown approved, must be carried out 15 minutes free parking, the parking lot of the illegal behavior obviously, at present, we are in the parking lot of the investigation and handling." City price reporting center law enforcement officers said. Location: [] Yuejin bridge near the parking lot toll not 15 minutes of free parking recently, a complaint from the owner of Suguo Supermarket store Yuejin bridge gate on the west side parking lot, toll refused to 15 minutes of free parking regulations. In this regard, the price department said, according to the seriousness of the information provided by informants相关的主题文章: