You should have 150 square meters of real estate development in the enjoyment of the purchase price

The quality of real estate you deserve to have 150 square meters in four to enjoy the preferential purchase [Abstract] with the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s lives are increasingly high requirements, the high quality of life demand increases, the quality of living has become a judgment of modern life quality standard. Today, Xiaobian to take stock of high-quality real estate, to provide a choice for your quality of life. Xianghe Hongkun · native valley (real estate information) low-density villa exit town Diepin villa enjoy 50 thousand against 100 thousand discount real estate Tencent news Hongkun · original Valley is located in the east of Xianghe Jinghagaosu Xianghe export 800 meters north of the incense line. Our generation, in the downtown, not from the city, 150 flat light luxury villa stacked to the courtyard, balcony, grab tickets "· 8" will Kunlun Hongkun; strong super station, million gift waiting for you to get. · technology; native valley Diepin villa in 2016 is expected to launch in the second half, an area of 150 square meters apartment layout in 4 (on the stack and stack), total 2 million 100 thousand sets, a total of four upper and lower layer (one or two layer stack, three or four layers) design, under the stack as garage a total of 56 square and the North South double garden on the garage and 33 fold, with flat garden, property costs 3.98 yuan per month in June 30, 2018 *, blank endorsed. Users enjoy the purchase of real estate Tencent Diepin enjoy 50 thousand against 100 thousand discount. Tencent Beijing big Beijing real estate buyers, real estate hot topics discussed. Tencent Beijing purchase 3 group 128868262 Hongkun · original township Valley to see the details of the lowest price of 2 million 100 thousand Yuan Garden villa residential real estate to improve the latest 400-819-1111 611135 Gallery | Hongkun · original township Valley project is hung Kun estate "back to" product line in the low density and elegant villa border town. Project site selection of large Jingdong of Beijing metro station, 40 minutes from Beijing, nearly 500 thousand square meters of compound Italy Tuscany light luxury villa area, adhering to original "home life Chinese revival of contemporary humanistic spirit" spirit, to build 140 square meters 70-120 square meters of exquisite Boutique Villa stack, apartments and other formats as a whole, meet a variety of needs of the family home life style low-density residential area. "" "" "click to view the comments Hongkun · native valley above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. Abstract: with the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s living requirements are getting higher and higher, the demand for high quality life is also increasing, the quality of life has become a modern quality of life standards. Today, Xiaobian to take stock of high-quality real estate, to provide a choice for your quality of life. Huailai eternal · the Great Wall ecological livable villa the next phase of the end of September opening of Tencent real estate news · 1.2 in the Great Wall forever; and on August 27, 2016 the villa villa stack grand opening, the opening houses about 49 square meters, a 84 square meters, 118 square meters Erju Sanju, house price 9800 yuan square meters, 120 square meters, 150 square meters of superimposed fold stacked villas, the average price of 13500 yuan square meters, the opening day sold out, the next step.相关的主题文章: