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Zen story: old tradition of Zen Stories: the old tradition of a old monk has been advocating nature, he thinks Zen should not be made, all natural is good. In his temple, there lived a lovely little monk in the temple, usually sweep flowers, help missions. But when the little monk line hall put chopsticks, who should never be; chanting chanting, who do not know who he before. One day, a old monk is something out, a monk came to the temple. The monk saw little monk do no tricks, sweeping not according to certain procedures, there are no human visitors to Chicago, so tell the little monk said, "you have just done, does not conform to the program rules, I tell you how to do it." Night a old monk from the outside back to the temple, Osa Yachi saw the old master, he went to the information desk ". The old monk saw little monk suddenly for a man, be surprised, refined and courteous, he asked: "who taught you this one?" The little monk was naive, smiled and answered the old Zen master said: "is the monk Hall of the new monk!" The old monk monk called and asked him: "you walk around the seat, cloud water, what is? I am in the monastery the little monk came to me for two or three years, has been very active, who let you teach him bad?" The monk confused, confused Jackson questioning intention, do not know how to respond. At this time the old Zen master suddenly waved, coldly said: "fast, put your clothes clean up, leave immediately!" Although it is raining, the monk had to go out of the temple. Zen advocate nature, this is the Zen door style. Zen is natural, not false or false thoughts, so wayward freedom, you fangkuang, becomes the criterion of zen. The monk to the world to teach novices, this fact is legitimate, but must be restored to the world by Zen in nature, the so-called "and consistent movement as". Unfortunately, the monk only heavy world, not heavy Zen, too vulgar to be endured not beyond, so saying, the old monk monk blame disturbed the Zen rules. If he can have the appropriate response at the time, old master will not make him leave in a rainy day, give him such an a blow and a shout.相关的主题文章: