Zhang Helun Lang Heyan in the finals against the master Guo Degang ridicule noreply

Zhang Helun Lang Heyan in the final against ridicule master Guo Degang Zhang Helun bold "ridicule" master Guo Degang Zhang Helun bold "ridicule" master Guo Degang Zhang Helun bold "ridicule" master Guo Degang Zhang Helun bold "ridicule" master Guo Degang, Sina entertainment news on Sunday night, "Deyunshe disciples Zhang Helun, Lang Heyan in the" Oriental TV "The Legendary Swordsman". The two disciples of Guo Degang [micro-blog] after the battle, eliminated the "pantomime days tour", "stupid couple" and "Ironic days" and "Pocket Monster", the final finalists directly on behalf of the third semi-finals of the champions. The show last night, Zhang Helun Lang Heyan flew out of the sub frequency, and "burden", also several "Ironic" observer Gallery master Guo Degang. Last night, the 23 year old detective Kobe Meng Hui came to the scene, the victim to find the real murderer. Has been mistaken for eating more death, "The Legendary Swordsman" laughable, no fan dead heat "victims", eventually get clear in "Kobe" in detail. In the game, another group of players confused husband and wife for the audience to explain the interpretation of the pain like a pig teammate. "General Wang Xiaofu" was again "confused Consigliere Wang Dandan" flicker "," general Wang Xiaofu was the enemy approached the walls, "" pig teammate pit was even angry had no strength, eventually "gas halo" in the battlefield. At the same time, "the satire day group" Jia Bing again "flattering" front, the flatterer skill upgrade again. In addition, from Poland’s "mime day group", only by body movement then to cheer blog audience full. However, last night the most wonderful programs, but also non "Deyunshe" Zhang Helun, Lang Heyan is a combination of. Comedian Zhang Helun adapted song in "Deyunshe" as a must. On the night of the show, Zhang Helun not only the works of "Chinese wind Jay Chou quite proud of blue and white porcelain" and "fireworks and easy cold" was adapted for the "horse pole" edition. Moreover, Zhang Helun also "kaishuan" Song Joong Ki Korea Obama, totally not afraid of "offending" vote many. More "ruthless" is, even the master Guo Degang also failed to survive, by disciple Zhang Helun ridicule". For more details, please pay attention to every Sunday night in 20:55, CO produced by the Oriental TV media, the The Legendary Swordsman "joy 3".相关的主题文章: