Zhang Ziyi Toronto interviewed by the judges feel distressed Chinese director clazziquai

Zhang Ziyi, Toronto, was interviewed by the judges who had been distressed by the Chinese director [Abstract] I was lucky that I was so young to be appreciated as a judge. I don’t think I’m going to be able to judge the quality of the film." Zhang Ziyi said. Tencent (Toronto style entertainment Zhuangao easy) King Street Bell Lightbox building is the core area of Toronto film, a local film festival is the busiest. 15 pm local time, as the current Toronto Film Festival platform unit judges Zhang Ziyi accepted an exclusive interview with Tencent entertainment. Zhang Ziyi Toronto judges daily, the car preview to see the film after a brief wait, Zhang Ziyi walked into the 5 floor of the conference room where the interview. She took off her dark glasses, and everyone here to greet, wearing a white silk blouse pendant sense, set up hair and dress and shoes neat dress, make her even more vibrant. Toronto good weather and blue skies also let her mood is very cheerful, just completed the assessment work of her body relaxed, said the next few days we plan to play, to enjoy a local beauty, also want to taste the famous Canadian ice wine. Over the past few days, she has averaged two movies a day: "when the pressure is not so big. A review of the responsibility. If it is the audience, do not like to see the movie, do not like to leave just fine. But when the review must see from the tail. Some of the torture, not every movie is so enjoy. You will have a very strong feeling when you see a good movie. I don’t want to see a good movie." Zhang Ziyi watching movies in the background to do the film in the past three times, Zhang Ziyi has served as a judge of the Cannes Film Festival, respectively, a "attention" unit, "film cornerstone" short film unit and the main competition unit. Compared with the past, the Toronto Film Festival in different atmosphere let this experience a lot easier. "When the judges in the Cannes main competition unit, the pressure is very big, and so many reviews are at that time, would like to listen to the views of others. I was lucky that I was so young to be appreciated as a judge. I don’t think I’m going to be able to judge the quality of the film." "This time it’s more relaxing. And there are only 12 entries. I would like to see how a different audience is a movie, what will resonate. I think that’s the movie. The three reviewers are relatively easy to work with." She said. The other two judges are famous directors. One is the director of the "mission impossible", "Scarface", "the Black Dahlia" the American director Blaine · Palma de ·. The other is a regular European Film Festival, directed the "dry season" Chad Haman director Ma · · Saleh jalon. De · Palma once hoped that Zhang Ziyi and his cooperation, but because of the reasons for the script, and did not accept the invitation of the script, but he did not accept the invitation of the United States and the United States, but also because of the reasons for the script, but did not accept the invitation. Zhang Ziyi Toronto judges daily – used to preview the film in the car on the basis of the data, according to her, the entire review process and not too many differences, only about the results of a film, a little bit of controversy between the three judges. No"相关的主题文章: