Zhangzhou, a 31 year old woman was arrested for drug abuse has been pregnant for the 15 time ajviewer

Zhangzhou, a 31 year old pregnant woman arrested for drug has occurred 15 times? Women infected with drug addiction, in order to earn money, have relied on their own pregnant was detained in the body without drug trafficking. In November 16th, the drug city procuratorate prosecution, Lin Mouling constituted the crime of drug trafficking, was sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for one year and fined 2000 yuan. Lin Mouling, born in 1985, Zhangzhou Pinghe County, junior high school culture, unemployed, have a child. The drug has caused her to earn money, destitute, considering she was pregnant, pregnancy does not taste the detained "sweetness", Lin Mouling decided to sell drugs to earn money. ? June 8th 22, Lin Mouling learned that Chen was about drugs, in Zhangzhou City Xiangcheng District Cai Shi Lu met, then the 1 grams of methamphetamine at a price of 100 yuan sold to chen. According to reports, police officers arrested the next day. After being caught, Lin Mouling sat on the ground crying it was pregnant again, the police only to residential surveillance. Zhangzhou Xing Xing hospital inspection, Lin Mouling really pregnant. It is reported that the public security organs have 15 detention (the 14 administrative detention, the 1 criminal detention) decision, but because of their pregnancy or breast-feeding and unable to perform, had to be ordered in the community detoxification. Remind pregnant?? drugs can cause baby deformity or relapse? Zhangzhou 175 hospital pediatric physician Lin Maozeng said the drug is not recommended for pregnant mothers without treatment, because of the possibility of children deformity is very high, but born may be addicted. Drugs can cause serious damage to the fetal brain development and physical health. Drugs into the milk, resulting in children will also rely on or addiction. If the child is born, the mother quit drugs, infants and young children are likely to appear withdrawal syndrome, very painful. (Strait Herald reporter Zhang Hanfeng correspondent Jian Rong really full)相关的主题文章: